Who Should Pay for Policing in Unincorporated Areas?

I’ve long wondered why those living in municipalities are forced to subsidize the police services of those living in “the country.”

The Cook County Board President proposes what amounts to a user fee for polce protection in unincorporated areas.

DuPage County allows those living in unincorporated areas apparently pay extra for better police coverage from its Sheriff’s Department.

Under the DuPage County arrangement four townships are supposed to pay 80% of the cost, DuPage County 20%.

The story popped up because the ration is not the agreed upon 4-1 ratio, but less than 2-1.

The audacious question I would like to bring up is

Why should those living in municipalities pay anything for the policing of unincorporated parts of McHenry County?

When an area incorporates, its residents know that they will have to pay for police protection.

One alternative is to contract with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

That costs money.

Why should those living outside of cities and villages get a comparatively free ride, getting police protection from the Sheriff’s Office while paying the same tax rate the incorporated folks pay for operating the Sheriff’s Department?

Why not charge a user fee?

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle delayed her fight to force the 2% of county residents who live in unincorporated areas to pay $150 a year for their police protection from the Sheriff's Department.

Preckwinkle backed off on her proposal, but intends to take suburban road maintenance and building money to pay for the policing.

And, she says there still needs to be some way to pay for the Sheriff’s Policing of unincorporated areas other than taxing those in incorporated areas, in other words to end the subsidy of those living in unincorporated areas.


Who Should Pay for Policing in Unincorporated Areas? — 2 Comments

  1. If you’re going to split hairs, what about the townships roads? Should the people in the city NOT pay township roads. How about the rural Fire Districts for people served by city fire? All people in the township pay for township and county government. What if you are in the county and need a Sheriff’s Police Deputy and are a city resident. Should you pay for their response. Should the Sheriff NOT come into the city and assist if the town does pay for the visit? People in towns pay EXTRA for their police. I don’t have kids in the schools so why should I pay school taxes? We could pick the fleas of this dog all day.

    This topic was ridicuous and even more stupid for Preckwinkle to even suggest it. A better idea is that cities abolish their police and the Sheriff police the entire county or have one combined police force. HUGE tax savings.

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