Monument Ads – Public Service Announcements

If Crystal Lake ever can’t find an advertiser, it could post a public service announcement like this “No Smoking” sign.

Public service announcements don’t bring in any revenue to help pay for the four $16,000 monuments, but they would establish that ads could be purchased.
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Photoshopping by one Heck of a Guy blogster Allan Showalter.


Monument Ads – Public Service Announcements — 6 Comments

  1. Smoking is a more difficult addiction to stop than drinking alcohol.
    There are far fewer smoking cessation support groups than Alcoholics Anonymous groups.

  2. or maybe a sign that says “Stop wasting taxpayers hard earned money on this kind of “monument”. Vote out (and list the names of those who thought this was a good idea).

  3. Bank of America ads surely would look fab on those pillaz!

  4. That’s NOT a public service announcement. I find your ideas less and less funny by the day. Knock it off, Cal. You are getting on our last nerve.

  5. Chill Cindy….

    I find the posts funny, but sad. What a waste of our tax money.

    If the signs are actually making you sick, for your own health you may want to just scroll past the article “real fast”!

    Just a very small example of the constant waste we see with our tax dollars.

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