A Campaign Issue for Those Seeking Township Office

Of course, township elections are not until 2013, but I know people are already discussing running for the offices.

Some have commented that some officials’ salaries are too high.

Odds are good that most will be raised for the next four years.

If a candidate thinks the salary for the office he or she is thinking of seeking is too high, one can always promise to refund all or part.

Current Avon Township Officials Sam Yingling, Tom Brust, Lisa Rusch, Chris Ditton, Randy Evangeledes and Mark Feldstein pose with oversized check of salaries being refunded.

If health insurance and/or pension payments are part of the compensation package, one can promise not to take them.

I learned from “Round Lake District 116” blog that Avon Township officials are giving back the pay raises presumably approved by the people whom they presumably defeated.

Not a bad campaign pitch in the middle of a deep recession.


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