Where Are We As Far as Real Estate Taxes Go?

The Tax Foundation has some remarkable work comparing property tax burdens across the United States.

Want to know what part of the country to look at for retirement, if cutting your property taxes is one of your goals?

Take a look at this map:

The Tax Foundation map comparing property taxes.

I did my best to extract the information for the top Illinois counties from one of The Tax Foundation’s searchable data bases.

The information below is from here.

Click to enlarge.

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Photoshopping by one Heck of a Guy blogster Allan Showalter.


Where Are We As Far as Real Estate Taxes Go? — 2 Comments

  1. Remarkable work? Hardly. Any 8th grader could produce the chart on ESRI’s online ArcGIS Explorer online- and their instructor would ask just one question- what are they analyzing?

    Nothing. Just an single attribute.

    What about the variables that affect property taxes?

    – Land valuation and property tax rates?

    – Natural resource and corporate revenue streams that offset the legislative need to create or boost other revenue streams?

    – Federal dollars? For every $1.00 Kentucky gives to the federal government, it receives(at minimum) $1.50 in federal funding- one could suggest that it might temper the need for increasing state or local revenue streams.

    If the white spots on the map represent something good about America- well, I’m sure you can find a cheap place to live in Mississippi.

  2. I own houses in two areas that are the same color on the map, and the property taxes are VASTLY different

    6000 on a 180,000 house

    1200 on a 180,000 house

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