Daily Herald Reports Walsh May Run in 8th Congressional District, NRCC Search Over?

Joe Walsh

An unnamed “senior Republican operative” told the Daily Herald yesterday that Congressman Joe Walsh told DuPage County Regional Superintendent of Schools Darlene Ruscitti,

“I’m running in the 8th (Congressional District).”

Ruscitti admitted meeting with Walsh.

If it’s true that Walsh is running for election in the district he now represents, rather than in the district where he lives, that would clear the decks for Congressman Randy Hultgren to represent the bulk of McHenry County (all but Algonquin Township) with one caveat.

That stipulation is that the Federal courts do not overturn the reapportionment map imposed on Illinois by its Democratic Party leaders.

The 8th District of the Republican map being considered in Federal court.

If that occurs, the 8th District would include all of McHenry and Boone Counties, plus a major part of Kane and the far northwestern part of Cook, including Barrington Township.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has been actively searching for a candidate to run in the 8th District, which I was told was carried by Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady.

Presumably, Ruscitti was the best that could be found.

A Walsh candidacy, however, would suck the air out of other 8th District GOP candidacies.

And it would make the Beltway Republicans, who are pleased with Hultgren’s performance, happy two times over:

  1. Hultgren would be assured of re-election and
  2. Walsh might just be able to get re-elected as well, thereby thwarting the goals of the state and national Democratic Party to eliminate one of the suburban Chicago 2010 GOP freshmen.

And, might I add, should Walsh dispatch another Democratic Party favorite, say, Tammy Duckworth, he would be poised to run for the U.S. Senate against Democrat incumbent Dick Durbin in 2014.

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