Jack Franks Host Committee for his Sept., 2011, TR Fund Raiser – Part 11

McHenry County Blog will list those Jack Franks’ Host Committee names from T to Z today.

We are at the end of our journey through those who are willing to have their names appear on Franks’ invitation enclosure.

Here’s the end of the alphabet.

I see former Republican State Rep. Jill Zwick, who followed me, along with Dick Klemm, when I ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1980. She later ran as a Democrat for the Kane County Board and now works for Jesse White.

The flip side of Jack Franks' Host Committee for his fall fund raiser.

  • Betty Thede
  • RB Thompson
  • Dr. Lauri Tobias
  • Rich & Wendy Tobiasz
  • Mayor Tony, Kate & Gregory Topf
  • Helen Torscher
  • Becker Trainor
  • Jerry & Kathy Trickett
  • Mike & Kimberly Turner
  • Bernie & Mary Uccello
  • BeBe VanLent
  • Skip Vaszari
  • Chief Keith Von Allmen
  • Mayor Bob & Dawn Wagner
  • Deb Wallner
  • Chief Ralph & Sheri Webster
  • Michele Weiner-Davis
  • Steve & Adele Weskerna
  • Dan Wilke
  • Rich Wimmer
  • Doc & JaneWolf
  • Roy Welffen
  • John & Molly Wyrostek
  • Bill Zierer
  • Jill Swick

Where are the “Chiefs” from?

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