Manzullo’s Rockford Office Targeted by Moveon.Org

Before the Occupy Wall Street folks got any traction, Moveon.Org sponsored a demonstration at Route 14 and Woodstock Street in Crystal Lake in front of Don Manzullo's office. It was August 10, 2011. Can anyone identify any participants?

The Rockford Tea Party invites folks to a counterdemonstration near Congressman Don Manzullo’s Rockford office tomorrow about noon.

The stimulus is the local contingent of Occupy Wall Street, as you can see in the email below:

Tomorrow Thursday Dec 1st, the real people behind the Occupy Movement will be demonstrating outside Don Manzullo’s Office. Move-On.ORG and Occupy will be protesting and getting their message out. When we show up we get our message out also which is a vastly different and much more realistic and honest message than that of the Occupy Mobs. Please plan to attend our Counter Protest Tomorrow at 12:15 outside Manzullo’s Office.

Local members to protest outside Manzullo’s office Dec. 1

Online Staff Report Rock River Times

At 12:15 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 1, local members of will hold a speak-out outside of U.S. Rep. Don Manzullo’s office to demand he stop protecting tax breaks for the millionaires on Wall Street and start standing up for the 99 percent.

The speak-out is part of a national day of action taking place at congressional offices across the country to demand that Congress focus on creating jobs and making the tax system work for all Americans, not just the super-rich.

Manzullo’s office is at 415 S. Mulford Road, Rockford.

The day of action comes as Congress is gearing up to vote on a payroll tax cut that would extend tax cuts for middle-class families and pay for them by imposing a tax on income over $1 million.

MoveOn members will be telling their stories at this event and presenting written letters to Manzullo

The speak-out is being organized by the new American Dream Movement. The American Dream Movement is a growing movement inspired by protests in Wisconsin.


Manzullo’s Rockford Office Targeted by Moveon.Org — 7 Comments

  1. Look like most of the “Liberal Fatass Gang.” What are zombies doing out in daylight?

  2. “Concerned” is only capable of personal attacks and insults. Typical Republican and/or Tea Party response. Resort to personal attacks against those who oppose you or won’t support you. They avoid “real” discussions or debates because they know they’ll loose!

  3. Given that BOTH moron.gorge and “occupy what we can get away with,” will be there, I’m kind of expecting to see you reporting tonight, Cal, on how these fascists ended up “occupying tear gas” and “occupying billy club” and maybe “occupying taser” before “occupying handcuffs and squad car.”

    On the other hand, maybe they be all polite and considerate sweetness and light (and won’t invade the office, attempt to arrest Don Manzulo, or try to shout down people with their “mic check” nonsense). And maybe the Easter Bunny exists, too.

  4. I’m so glad that you ultra-conservative republicans believe so strongly in family and Christian values. I’d hate to think what you would call people who don’t see the world as you do if you didn’t.


    In fact, family and Christian values favor lawful behavior and peaceable behavior. Something that you “occupiers” have never had. 2 months of public defecation and urination, rapes, theft, rioting, street theater (including terrorizing 4th graders in NYC) around the country have proven that you leftists have neither family nor Christian values, nor respect for for law, private and public property, or appropriate behavior.

    YOU LEFTISTS ARE THUGS. You behave like thugs. You’re slobs (they needed hazmat suits to clean up after you). You wave your “clenched fist” symbol in your signs – a clear symbol that you will commit violence if we don’t submit to your demands. You assault cops. You destroy private property through deliberate vandalism. You HURT PEOPLE and frighten people when you mob the stores or workplaces where they are at.

    Here’s a clue for you: “occupy” is a failure. 3 “occupiers” left in Indy, 5 left in Chicago. 10 in NYC. 5 in Tampa. Your attempts to disrupt “Black Friday” was a big, fat ZERO. Moveon is funded by Soros, and Soros paid millions for the “occupy” tantrum. And he got nothing!

    “Occupy” is less than zero….

  6. j,

    When you assume…

    I am neither an occupier, nor a leftist. I am also not a Tea Party follower. I am a moderate, who has found that I have NO representation of my views by anyone in politics.

    My comment was directed to “concerned” and Cindy, regarding their comments about the people in Cal’s photograph.

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