McHenry County Drug Court under Judge Michael Feetterer Ready for Business

A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court:

Twenty Second Judicial Circuit of McHenry County Drug Court Program Set to Begin

WOODSTOCK, IL – After nearly two years of planning, the Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Drug Court Program will begin on Thursday, December 1st.  Associate Judge Michael W. Feetterer has been selected to preside over the drug court call.

Earlier this year it was announced that the Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Drug Court Program would be receiving funding from the United States Bureau of Justice Assistance FY 11 Adult Drug Court Discretionary: Implementation Grant Program in the amount of $305,717.00 to fund the program for a period of three years.  The grant was awarded by competitive process to jurisdictions which have completed a substantial amount of planning and are ready to implement an evidence-based adult drug court program.

A drug court program is a highly specialized, multifaceted collaborative effort, overseen by the court to divert individuals who commit crime and are addicted to drugs or alcohol, from the traditional criminal justice system.  These individuals will be identified early, screened and upon acceptance placed into an intensely supervised and highly structured program.  The program will target individuals who have a high risk of committing new offenses and a high need for treatment and other services to address the participant’s individual issues.  Participants referred to the program must be involved in the program within 60 days of their first appearance with counsel or they will not be considered.

Drug courts programs are specifically designed to achieve a reduction in recidivism and substance abuse among nonviolent substance abusing offenders and to increase the offender’s likelihood of successful rehabilitation through early, continuous and intense judicially supervised treatment, mandatory random drug testing, community supervision and use of appropriate sanctions and other rehabilitation services.

Referrals for Drug Court are expected to come from probation officers, public defenders, private attorneys and police officers. Defendants being assessed for the program must meet program eligibility criteria including; McHenry County residency, age of 17 years or older at the time of the offense, a current felony  offense and alcohol/drug dependence as well as statutory eligibility outlined in 730 ILCS 166/20. DUI charges will not be accepted into the Drug Court Program. If general eligibility requirements are met, defendants will undergo evaluations to determine their level of criminogenic risk/needs and substance use.


McHenry County Drug Court under Judge Michael Feetterer Ready for Business — 1 Comment

  1. Is Alcohal not a drug? More people die from alcohal and perscription drugs then all the illegal drugs combined.

    What BS this is.

    This is another attemp to make money by arresting you and keep you in the court system. Its a scam…no one will make money but the judge, probation officers, police officers, and lawyers.

    Ron Paul wants to end the War on Drugs and make it safer.

    Ending it on a federal Level will change everything.

    They did this now because there scared its about to end. If the fed stops giving the state money for making drug arrests, the state will lose to much money and will stop making the arrests. This gives them 3 more years. F them and there corruption…..RON PAUL 2012

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