Ridgefield Businessman Jim Roden Circulating Petitions for District 2 County Board Seat

I ended my procrastination yesterday.

For the fourth time Thursday night, I pretty much finished raking the other people’s leaves from along Lake Avenue lodged against our little rise.

That left time and energy Friday for a quick hour of petition signature gathering for Precinct Committeeman in Algonquin Township’s Precinct 7.

By now I pretty much know who is home during the day, so gathering the necessary ten signatures wasn’t much trouble. I even got a couple extra, as I advise those running for committeeman, just in case someone might think of knocking one off the ballot.

Two men who signed my petition told me Jim Roden, my neighbor down the street and high school classmate had come around to get their signatures.

Originally I thought Roden was running as a Republican, which would have meant there would have been at least be a five-way race for Republican nominations for County Board in the Crystal Lake-Lakewood-Lake-in-the-Hills-Cary-Algonquin District 2.

But after posting this article, I talked to Roden and he told me he was running as a Democrat.

McHenry County Board District 2 from 2012-20.

Republicans who have filed so far are

  • Jim Heisler
  • Carolyn Schofield
  • Ken Koehler

Expected to file late is incumbent Donna Kurtz.

With incumbent Scott Breeden retiring, there will be four Republican running for four spots…unless someone else pops out of the woodwork on Monday, the last day of filing.

Roden owns the Framery, which used to be located in Downtown Crystal Lake two stores north of Heisler’s Bootery, but now is located in Ridgefild near the former Flowerwood property which Metra contracted to buy from County Board Chairman Ken Koehler and his partner’s estate.  Metra has withdrawn the offer.

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