Democrats Run Ten Candidates for McHenry County Board

Jim Kennedy wears a cap from the company where his daughter is a manager.

At least one candidate in each McHenry County Board district.

The rumor mill was right.

An article has already been run on District 1’s Nick Chirikos.

In District 2 there are two challengers, Jim Roden and Jim Kennedy.

District 3 will have incumbent Kathy Bergan Schmidt joined by Prairie Grove School Board member Lori McConville. The latter lost her previous race for County Board.

A re-run will occur in District 4. Mary Margaret Maule will be on the ballot. In 2006, Maule came within 652 votes of beating Sandy Salgado.

In the firth district, only incumbent Democrat Paula Yensen will represent the Democratic Party.

Scott Summers

The biggest effort will be made in District 6, where former McHenry County College Board President Scott Summers had deserted the Green Party to run for County Board as a Democrat. Summers ran for State Treasurer and Congress on the Green Party ticket. On the MCC Board, he and Crystal Lake’s Donna Kurtz publicly opposed the building of a minor league baseball stadium before the Crystal Lake City Council, which led their being censured by their fellow Trustees.

He will be joined by Ryan Heuser of Marengo and former Huntley Village Board member Jayant Kadakia. Kadakia ran out of the money in his re-election bid in Huntley and his recent effort to gain appointment to that Board lost on a 3-3 tie.

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