Danielle Rowe Files on Last Day

A press release from State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe:

Danielle Rowe Files Petitions for State Representative

After filing her signatures, Danielle Rowe drove over to the State Capitol. Lights decorate the dome during the Christmas season.

Wauconda – Accompanied by former State Representative and pro-life icon Penny Pullen and small business owner Lori Diversey, Marketing Executive Danielle Rowe of Island Lake filed her petition signatures for State Representative 52nd district in Springfield Monday afternoon.

Rowe, a community leader and small-business champion, submitted 1,000 signatures to the Board of Elections, solidifying her place on the March 20, 2012 Republican primary ballot.

“I am running for state representative because the quality of life issues facing families in McHenry, Lake, Kane and northwest Cook County are not being addressed by the Springfield political class.

“We need new, conservative leadership for our community that does more than empathize with people’s struggles.

“We need leaders with the smarts and commitment to translate common sense conservative principles into sensible policies that reward our small business job creators, reduce the burdens on taxpayers, and restore a belief that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can build a comfortable life for your family in Illinois.

“We can do this. With your help, we will do this,” said Rowe.

The Citizens for Danielle Rowe campaign originally intended to file on November 28, the first day petitions could be submitted.

A common error, according to the Board of Elections, was discovered regarding the wording of unincorporated areas on the petition sheets.

Danielle Rowe after filing her petitions in Springfield.

Rowe decided to start the signature process over instead of chancing a challenge to her petitions and wasting taxpayer dollars.

“Republican voters want to know that the campaign they are supporting is organized and capable of winning,” said Rowe.

“My staff put together an incredible petition gathering drive – organized my volunteers – gathering over 1,000 signatures in just over a week. There is no doubt I have the team that will win in March.”

Small business owner Lori Diversey was one of Rowe’s volunteers who spent countless hours over the past week obtaining signatures. She joined Rowe on her journey to Springfield.

“My small business, CaveChick Cookies Inc, may not survive the anti-business climate in Illinois,” said Diversey.

“I need Danielle and her pro-business and pro-jobs ideals in Springfield or I might as well start looking at Wisconsin or Indiana to operate my business.”

Business owners such as Diversey are backing Rowe and her ‘Road Map for Economic Revitalization’ plan, which consists of:

  • Repeal the Democrats’ Tax Increase
  • Reform Public Sector Pensions
  • Reduce Runaway State Spending
  • Restore a Business Climate that Respects the Entrepreneur

Lake County GOP Chairman Bob Cook offered his congratulations to Danielle Rowe for getting on the ballot.

“I congratulate Danielle Rowe for getting the required signatures and submitting them in Springfield. The primary process is always best when the voters have options to choose from. Grassroots activists are the backbone of Lake County and I look forward to good spirited campaign for this important seat.”

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Rowe’s opponents are challenger David McSweeney and Kent Gaffney, appointed to serve out State Rep. Mark Beaubien’s term.


Danielle Rowe Files on Last Day — 1 Comment

  1. Rowe is a spoiler.

    The snafu over petitions is just one example of the amatuerish nature of this campaign.

    David McSweeney has the resources and proven convictions and business expertise to win this race and put an independent social and fiscal conservative in office.

    Any votes Rowe gets will help give the moderate appointed incumbent, Kent Gaffney a better chance to win.

    I predict McSweeney will win regardless as long as he continues to work this hard as he and his supporters have been.

    Rowe can be impactful in the future at a more local office but this run will definitely finish 3rd. Book it.

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