If Blago Had Been Sentenced to Joliet

A female cancer survivor loudly told Rod Blagojevich outside his home, "My brother was in Joliet. You can do it, man."

Of course to get in Joliet you have to be prosecuted in state court by a State’s Attorney.

The last time a major politician served time in a state prison, East Moline, it was Congressman Mel Reynolds.

Where are the State’s Attorneys of Illinois when it comes to prosecuting political corruption.

Lost in space?

In any event, when I heard the woman yell encouragement to sentenced felon Rod Blagojevich, just having been addressed “Governor” by Judge James Zagel because he won two elections, it reminded me of my idea to put a bit more fear of breaking laws into the minds of those corrupt and tempted to become corrupt in Illinois’ political class:
Make them serve their time in state prison.

State prison is much more severe than the Federal pen.

Not that I have any experience with the Federal prison system, but I’ve been in plenty of Illinois’.

Trust me.

You don’t want the neighborhood kid there.

And state incarceration would be so appropriate for the crooks in the political class:

  • elected by their peers
  • judged by their peers
  • punished with their peers


If Blago Had Been Sentenced to Joliet — 1 Comment

  1. Cal asks.

    “Where are the State‚Äôs Attorneys of Illinois when it comes to prosecuting political corruption.”

    Why don’t you pick up your phone and call Louis Bianchi and ask him straight up?

    Bianchi is hiding from Nygren because of what he knows, he’s scared of Nygren!

    What really happened down there in Mexico Mr. Bianchi?

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