New Attorney Makes Appearance in Case Seeking Nygren Special Prosecutor

Zane Seipler

For the first time, former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler didn’t have attorney Blake Horwitz representing him.

Local attorney Robert Hanlon entered his appearance on the motion by Horwitz to sanction Mark Gummerson, Nygren’s personal attorney, for Gummerson’s behavior during the deposition of State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi on whether or not Bianchi was available to prosecute Nygren.

Nygren was in the room during the questioning.

When the case was called before Judge Thomas Meyer, Assistant Special State’s Attorney Bill Caldwell was present, but Gummerson was not.

After paging Gummerson and his not appearing by about 9:40, the Judge gave Gummerson and Caldwell seven days to file written replies.

Assistant State’s Attorney Donna Kelly, who advised Bianchi during the deposition was in the courtroom.

When I asked around, I discovered that Hanlon had some connection to Carolyn Cox. There was a high-profile prosecution of Carolyn Cox’ husband, a case in which Gummerson unsuccessfully defended him on charges of having tried to kill his wife.


New Attorney Makes Appearance in Case Seeking Nygren Special Prosecutor — 2 Comments

  1. Hanlon, Carolyn Cox lawyer is the one that got an injunction against Gummerson.

    As I recall, Cox tried to set up a hit on his x wife and told the guy that his lawyer, Gummerson, handled his money and could give the hit man the pay off.

    Hanlon got an injunction that prevented Gummerson from having access to the Cox money.

    Boy, this is interesting.

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