Gaffney Gets Second Contribution from Electricity Suppliers

Tom Cross

Kent Gaffney

The 14th of December, appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney received a thousand dollar check from Exelon, the parent company of Commonwealth Edison.

That’s more than a little interesting since he did not vote for the electric rate increase bill.

Right before the vote, Gaffney got $1,500 from Ameren, the electric company out of St. Louis that serves Southern Illinois.

The previous contribution of $1,000 or more to Gaffney was from Citizens to Elect Tom Cross.

Gaffney, is, of course, a former long-time staff member for Cross and Cross did vote the the electric rate hike bill.

And it is no big secret that Cross is helping Gaffney’s election effort.

He has Nicholas McNeely as campaign manager. McNeeley told me he was being paid by the House Republican Organization, which is controlled by Cross. He emailed me to tell me of his duties on November 3rd.

Also assisting Graffney in at least a press release writing and distribution.capacity is Garrett Hill.

Looking at fund raising efforts for Gaffney’s challengers, Danielle Rowe has no contributions that meet the $1,000 reporting threshold in December, which David McSweeney has raised $11,000 this month.

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