Friday Last Day for Algonquin Township Appeals

Friday, December 23rd is not only the beginning of the Christmas weekend, but it is also the last day to file appeals with the McHenry County Board of Review.

Only Algonquin Township’s appeal deadline has not already passed.

Actually, the ad should read, "If you're in Algonquin Township, file your assessment appeal this week."

It’s too late for appeals for all the smaller townships.

Only the 88,000 people in the southeastern township can still appeal.

Anecdotal feedback reveals that finding similar homes that have sold for cheaper prices isn’t good enough to get an assessment reduction this year.

Too many are apparently not what the Board of Review members consider “arms length sales.”

Back when I was studying for the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer designation test that term mainly meant sales between relatives.

Now it seems to have been extended to include short sales and foreclosures.

My attorney (and advertiser), Jim Bishop recommends that an appraisal be submitted to back up one’s reduction request. He tells me that for appeals filed by Friday at 4:30 in Woodstock’s Administration Building, the Board of Review gives an extra ten days to file appraisals.

That’s good, because my appraisal’s field work will be done next Tuesday.

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