Nunda Township GOP Picnic Packs Politicians In

Saturday’s Nunda Township Republican Picnic was a success by any measure.

A who’s who of local Republican office holders and office seekers was in attendance:

Congressman Randy Hultgren
Congressman Joe Walsh
State Senator Dan Duffy
State Rep. Mike Tryon
State Rep. Kent Gaffney
State Rep. Ed Sullivan
State Rep. candidate Barb Wheeler
State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney
Sheriff Kieth Nygren
Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke
State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi
Auditor Pam Palmer
Coroner candidate Anne Majewski
County Board member Mary Donner
County Board member Nick Provenzano
County Board member Barb Wheeler
County Board candidate Lyn Orphal
County Board candidate James Schlader
County Board candidate Mary Alger
County Board candidate Linda Kvidera Murphy
Mitt Romney GOP Convention Alternate Delegate candidate Brian Sager
Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore
Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller
Nunda Township Assessor Dennis Jagla
Nunda Township Trustee Joni Smith
Nunda Township Trustee Kelvin Jennings
Nunda Township Trustee James Schlader
Nunda Township Trustee Thomas Palmer
8th Congressional District State Central Committeeman Gene Dawson, plus
Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager
Prairie Grove Village Trustee Lisa Behm

Lots of Republican Precinct Committeemen

Nunda Township GOP Chairman decided to honor men in uniform at the event.

A mayor and a township supervisor, assessor and trustees.

Firefighters, policemen and veterans were in attendance.

A special attraction was a demonstration of police dogs at work.

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