Zane Seipler Asks State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi Be Ordered to Answer Avoided Deposition Question

Keith Nygren

Lou Bianchi

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi could be ordered to tell the public whether he ever investigated Sheriff Keith Nygren for “criminal conduct,” if Blake Horwitz, Zane Seipler’s attorney in his effort to get Judge Thomas Meyer to name a Special Prosecutor to probe whether Nygren used taxpayer resources to advance his campaign, gets his wish.

In a motion filed Friday, Horwitz cited the following unanswered question from Bianchi’s recent deposition:

Q – During the time period that you’ve been a state’s attorney for McHenry County, has your office ever investigated criminal conduct attributable — or allegations of criminal conduct attributable to Sheriff Nygren? [Emphasis added.]

MS. KELLY: Objection, Judge — Objection, relevance.

Blake Horwitz

MR. CALDWELL: Objection, way outside the scope of what the judge just told us. We’re here on Section 9008.

MR. GUMMERSON: I would agree and join in the objection.

MS. KELLY: Don’t answer that question.

MR. HORWITZ: You’re not going to let him answer?



“The question was never answered,” Horwitz notes in his motion.

“Petitioner believes that this Court instructed the parties to inquire whether the Office of State’s Attorney can and/or does investigate and/or prosecute the Office of the Sheriff. The pending question is directed at ascertaining the answer of this information.

“Petition requests a ruling on whether this question must be answered and if so then to direct the State’s Attorney to answer the question posited.”


Zane Seipler Asks State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi Be Ordered to Answer Avoided Deposition Question — 5 Comments

  1. Maybe the question should be asked why Bianchi did not charge Zane with “Official Misconduct” for falsely ticketing a passenger?

  2. 5 judges ruled that Seipler should not have been fired much less prosecuted.
    What about the hundreds of falsified tickets the Chicago Tribune investigation dug up. These deputies are still working at good pay and getting promotions.
    How many moons surround your earth? Duh!

  3. “Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character – give him power”-Abraham Lincoln

    This is all a very sad reflection upon McHenry County. I believe it is only going to get worse very soon.

  4. FYI… no the Judges ruled upon the arbitrators decision. He had looked at the disciplne given another deputy that had let a driver CHOSE what ticket she would give him and somehow made a leap of faith that writing a bogus ticket to a PASSENGER was the same thing. Anyway you slice it, it is official misconduct and the SAO refused to charge due to politics. Now the public is stuck with a bad cop.

    The alledged falsified tickets you speak of were based upon marking them white and not hispanic. Once again the Federal Gov’t and the Illinois Secretary of State classify Mexicans as WHITE. If the deputy or any other cop fills in the data sheet based upon the SOS data report they are WHITE. As you see that whole bunch of BS went nowhere becuase it was a non-issue. Just more drum beating by an ousted bad apple.

    Lastly you’re wrong, No judge said he should not be charged. That was not an issue before the court.

  5. Justin, a man told me once that, rather than calling a man wrong, it was more polite to say, “I wish you were right.”

    So, Justin, “I wish you were right.”

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