Cost Implications of New County Jail Employee Contract

McHenry County Jail

When I discovered the proposed contractfor McHenry County Correctional Officers, I asked for cost information.

It arrive yesterday afternoon and I share it with you below:

In response to your FOIA request, the current annual salary cost for Unit II Corrections is $10,539,131.20.

The recently approved contract with the Fraternal Order of Police for Unit II Corrections provides for a 12/1/11 salary increase of 2% and subsequent salary increases of 2.75% in FY ’13 and 3% in FY’14.

Salary growth of the three year contact can be calculated multiplying the annual increases using the base salary amount.

[I get salary payouts under the contract at

  • $10,749,913 or year one of the contract
  • $11,045,535 for the second year and
  • $11,375,901 for the third year.]

Additionally, effective July 1, 2013 PPO [Preferred Provider Option] Employer and Employee contribution percentages to co-insurance will change from 90% to 85% (90/10 to 85/15).

Compensation time accruals and sick leave policy changes favorable to the County were also a negotiated part of the contract.


Cost Implications of New County Jail Employee Contract — 2 Comments

  1. I can only imagine what it would be like, and how dangerous it must/could be, working in a jail/prison/etc. As long as they are willing to do the job (I’m not), the small increases are worth the money spent. Disagree? Aply for the job for a lesser amount.

  2. Good point, AZsuppporter. Anyone thinking that the state is paying too much for salaries should feel free to work those jobs for the lesser amount they believe to be fair.

    Unless they believe that hardship and low wages are the other guys’ problem.


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