Preview of a Sun-Times Non-Endorsement Editorial

Joe Walsh at the Wauconda Town Hall Meeting at which he was twice asked about when he would compromise.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter and columnist Lynn Sweet also helps write editorial endorsements.

As I read her column entitled,

Ask your pol: Can you compromise?

I immediately thought of Congressman Joe Walsh.

When he came back for his first summer break Town Hall Meeting in Wauconda, several people asked him about why he didn’t compromise on the Debt Ceiling issue. You can read both of his answers here.

Walsh basically said that as a former government teacher he understood the role of compromise in government, but that President Obama was so far out on the left wing of American politics that now was not the time for compromise, that Obama had not compromised.

Michael Medved said this week on his radio show that it had been months since Obama had talked with Republican Congressional leaders…not since he played golf with Speaker John Boehner.  That was in mid-June.  Hard to compromise, if the leaders don’t talk.

Lynn Sweet's Chicago Sun-Times column extolling the virtues of compromise.

So, getting warmed up for the editorial that will blast Joe Walsh’s quest for re-nomination to Congress and be repeated prior to the general election if he wins the 8th District nomination are Sweet’s words:

“Candidates this election season should be asked what do they value more, the argument or advancing a piece of legislation.

“Freshman Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) made a name for himself in part by being a Tea Party hardliner…

“Of course, candidates should discuss their issues and positions–but they should also be asked about their views on effective governance and if they believe compromise and consensus are dirty words.”

As far as Joe Walsh goes, I’m reminded of what the lawyers say in court:

“Asked and answered.”

Don’t believe me?

Read this article.


Preview of a Sun-Times Non-Endorsement Editorial — 5 Comments

  1. Obama is “so far out on the left wing of American politics” That IS a joke right? NO ONE can possible say that with a straight face.

  2. Sorry the brazen absurdity of that whopper so stunned me my grammar and syntax left me. Suffice to say, that statement about the president being “so far out on the left wing of American politics” is utterly absurd and I would LOVE to hear some folks try and support it.

  3. He’ll say anything to get 15 more minutes of face time i.e. free campaign plug) on CNN, FOX, WGN, whatever. Personally, I think Joe is further away from center, than the person he’s accusing of being an extremist. At the end of the day, would you buy a used car from Joey? I sure as heck wouldn’t.

  4. There use to be a time when Joe was glorified in the comments section.

  5. Joe Walsh and the Tea Party are nothing more that Shills and Puppets of ALEC, the ACC and the Koch brothers.

    One of many in Congress and State Government Bought , Bribed and Corrupted to advance the agenda of Lower (are you kidding) taxes on the 1% and Corporations, More Corporate Welfare, No Environmental or Wall Street Regulations.

    The Simple minded Tea Bag constituents are actually brainwashed by Fox News into believing this is good for our Country and Economy.

    See ALEC exposed and Koch Brothers exposed for the true agenda of turning our Democracy into a Plutocracy and destroying the Middle Class.

    We Must Vote out ALL Koch-Wh_res in State and Local Government!

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