6th Congressional District Ron Paul Delegates and Alternates Passing Petition

Chris Jenner fighting a Tax Increment Financing District in Cary.

Cary Grade School 26 Board member Chris Jenner tops the candidates for Republican National Convention Delegate on the Ron Paul slate.

The entire slate follows:

Delegate candidates

  • Chris Jenner – Cary
  • Matthew Phillips – Lombard
  • Robert J. Schlereth – Lake Zurich

Alternate Delegate candidates:

  • Daniel Juffernbruch – Barrington Hills
  • Gregory Musinski – Wheaton
  • Samson Scarpino – Hinsdale


6th Congressional District Ron Paul Delegates and Alternates Passing Petition — 4 Comments

  1. “Ron Paul would easily be the single worst Presidential candidate that the Republicans have ever nominated.”

    Please read the full context where that quote was written here:


    One question I have for these Ron Paul delegate candidates: Will you support and vote for the Republican nominee for President of the United States if Ron Paul does not win the nomination?

    Given Ron Paul ran for President as a Libertarian in 1988, this standard question for all delegate candidates is especially important for Ron Paul delegates.

    A comment by the author of the above cited article rings true to me, too: “I am against a Libertarian masquerading as a Conservative trying to take our party’s nomination.”

  2. Conversely, Storm, he’d be the best in the eyes of Democrats as Paul’s nomination would likely pave the Golden Road to the White House for Obama again.

  3. Can you manage to point out any other problems with Dr. Paul besides these 23 year old newsletters, which he has repeatedly disavowed? Why would such a racist hire a black man to be his campaign press secretary?

    I know, you have a problem with his foreign policy. You probably had a problem with the foreign policies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson too. What’s the lowest number of countries we have to occupy to not be isolationist? 50? 100? Money well spent — not.

    Ron Paul is not masquerading. He openly admits his libertarian leanings. He’d likely run under a different party if our current one party system hadn’t made it impossible for a third party to get ballot access.

    If the Republican nominee openly supports violation and destruction of the US Constitution, would you vote for him/her because there’s an R next to their name? I wouldn’t. There’s only one candidate who will drive obedience to the Constitution.

    Nominate a big government Republican (Newt Romney or anyone in the field other than Ron Paul), and you’ll guarantee BHO’s second term, i.e. GWB’s fourth term.

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