Bi-Partisan Coalition Led by Joe Walsh “Saves Christmas” or at Least “Merry Christmas”

Congressmen can now wish "Merry Christmas" to the constituents.

That’s how the Daily Caller puts it:

“It’s official: Congressmen Joe Walsh, an Illinois Republican, and Mike Ross, an Arkansas Democrat, have saved Christmas.”

Put in place in 1974, the House Rules prohibit the use of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah” on mail authorized by a Congressman’s signature or “frank.”

When Walsh found out about the prohibition, he, Congressman Mike Ross and sixty-some others signed a letter of protest.

The Franking Committee, headed by Illinois Congressman Aaron Shock, backed down under the pressure from Walsh and other Federal House members.

“This country was founded on religious freedom and free speech, and I am confident that the Franking Commission will hear the message that I and 61 of my colleagues have expressed,” Walsh told the Daily Caller. “Let’s stop worrying about political correctness, and start worrying about what we were sent here to do.”

Earlier Walsh took on the Obama Administration’s “Christmas Tree Tax.”

He won that fight also.

I think this goes to show that a bully pulpit can have an impact.

More substantially, Walsh changed the terms of debate during the fight over raising the debt limit.

When the Obama Administration falsely claimed that failure to raise the debt ceiling would result in Social Security and Medicare checks not being sent out, Walsh cut a YouTube video calling the President out. The word “liar” got bandied about.

Walsh pointed out that it was up to Obama what 25% of Federal expenditures would not be made, if the debt ceiling were not raised.

Thereafter, mainstream media started pointing out that fact.

Amazing the impact that one man can have on the national political arena.


Bi-Partisan Coalition Led by Joe Walsh “Saves Christmas” or at Least “Merry Christmas” — 5 Comments

  1. Please please please please for the love of God, DO NOT spend a penny to send me tax-payer funded mail to wish me Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or whatever! You want to have an impact on the national political arena, Joe? Get rid of the “franking” law so deadbeat bums like you can’t campaign for re-election on my dime.

  2. Walsh wrote in Human Events column:

    “I am not asking to send Christmas cards to everyone in my district. I would just like to wish constituents who contact me a Merry Christmas and share with them the love, joy, and happiness of that Christmas spirit.”

    The whole piece can be read here:

  3. Joe will try anything to steer away from the Deadbeat Dad stuff and still get another 15 minutes of free airtime on any channel with a camera. No more 15 minutes, Joe – even on this website.

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