Ron Paul Convention Candidates from 14th Congressional District

Ron Paul sign on Route 173 in Boone County. The sign is from four years ago. Its owner told me, "I'm all for him."

Previously, McHenry County Blog published the names and hometowns of Delegate and Alternate candidates running in support of Congressman Ron Paul in the 6th Congressional District. In McHenry County, that means Algonquin Township.

Here are the ones who will be on the ballot in the rest of the county:

Delegates first:

  • Matthew Sterba – Shorewood
  • Mark Widhalm – McHenry
  • Justin Smith – McHenry

The Alternates’s names are below:

  • Dan O’Brien – Batavia
  • Rob Plerucci – Plainfield
  • Calvin Kunkel – Elburn

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