Grafton Township Food Pantry Gets Publicity

Grafton Food Pantry recipient Ellen Drivakos is interviewed by Channel 7 for this evening's story at 5 o'clock.

Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore has never given up on the idea that Grafton Township government should run a food pantry.

The Daily Herald article.

The one run by former Supervisor John Rossi, reportedly organized as a not-for-profit organization in order to obtain food from the Northern Illinois Food Depository, moved lock, stock and barrel to a new location south of the McHenry-Kane County line in 2010.

Its independence was questioned by Grafton Township’s outside auditors Evans Marshall and Pease.  Nothing could be found in the Township minutes by the auditing fire to show it is not still a “component unit” of the Township, to put in auditor speak.

Today, the Daily Herald features the shortages at Township Hall’s Food Pantry in a front page article.

The Food Pantry shelves in the room that Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund is attempting to claim, were found to be empty, according to the story.

“…a mother-daughter team took up a collection among their Huntley neighbors and used the money to help fill the pantry with food. They had visited the pantry recently and were shocked at how bare it was,” according to Moore, as seen in Lenore Adkins’ story.

Sun City donor to the Grafton Township Food Pantry is interviewed by Leah Hope.

ABC TV reporter Leah Hope was out during the mid-day picking up on the Daily Herald’s story.  Channel 7 will have a story at 5 o’clock, she told Moore.


Grafton Township Food Pantry Gets Publicity — 6 Comments

  1. Linda,

    I’m still waiting for a public explanation to my question, in the interest of transparency.

    If the pantry on vine street supplies food only to those applying for General Assistance, as stated in your press release and on your website, , how could it have served 76 people if only 5 applications were submitted?

  2. If Grafton Twp Food Bank is run under the guiding principles of the Northern Illinois Food Bank, it has nothing to do with need based on General Assistance applications rather the need based on poverty income guidelines.

  3. Funny Cal. You had time to cover this story but missed the two stories when Linda Moore was served lawsuits due to her inability to pay bills. I hope you don’t claim to be fair and balanced.

  4. Its easy to say anything anonymously. Inuendo and innaccurate information are typical of anonymous bloggers. When a person isn’t held accountable for their behavior anything goes. All of this is the result of anonymyity.

  5. Anonimity isn’t necessary to spread innuendo and inaccurate information. Cal proves that almost daily.

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