McHenry County Board Points to Ten “Notable Accomplishments”

The McHenry County Board lists ten 2011 accomplishments in a newsletter issued today:

10 Notable Accomplishments

County Finances Remain Solid

McHenry County maintains a consistently conservative approach to budgeting that earned an Aaa rating and again the FY12 Budget on was built upon prudent revenue estimates. The McHenry County Board adopted a $254,177,214 budget for Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12), which began on December 1, 2011. The increase in the FY12 Budget can be primarily attributed to the County’s plans to retire early the remaining debt that was issued to construct the County’s nursing home, Valley Hi. The County budget also projected to realize a $1.5 million increase in health insurance costs in FY12, and to expand $1.4 million more than in FY11 on transportation projects in FY12.

In developing the FY12 Budget, the County is responding to the continued weak revenue environment with corresponding controls on expenses. There were no dramatic cuts to services, but again were cuts in almost all areas of County Government. The FY12 Budget responded to the State awarding two new judges beginning in December by providing the necessary new staff that will accompany the new judges. Finally, there are approximately 50 fewer positions that were funded in the FY12 Budget than were funded just three years ago in FY09.

Looking east from Pingree Road onto Rakow Road in December.

Rakow Road

Rakow Road construction started on March 1, 2011 and has a projected completion date of fall 2012. The interim completion date of November 30, 2011 was hit with seven days to spare with all traffic switched to the newly completed eastbound lanes on November 23 for the winter shutdown. Following the stage shift, great progress was made as earthwork and the new gravel base was completed for the majority of the westbound lanes to be constructed next year. Underground work, the pedestrian bridge, and the noise wall construction will continue into January, putting the project in a very good position for an earlier completion in 2012. Follow the Rakow Road Project on Twitter @RakowRoad or sign up for email updates on the website:

Water Resources Management Plan

The County Board adopted the Water Resources Action Plan on October 18, 2011. The Water Resources Division staff and the Ground Water Taskforce and Sub-Committees continue promoting implementation of the plan and review emerging water resource topics such as regulating PAH-containing seal-coating materials and establishing regulated recharge areas.

Unified Development Ordinance

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) project is progressing. Planning & Development staff received the first draft UDO document from the vendor drafting the ordinance on December 15th.

Courthouse Construction

The construction project inside the McHenry County Government Center is essentially complete. In addition to the construction of Courtroom 104, two judge’s chambers and the construction of a holding cell, there have been numerous updates to other areas including the replacement of the tile in the first floor public hallway, along with new carpeting and fresh paint. Courtroom 101 has been configured for juvenile court use which includes a waiting area for the specific use of juveniles, family members and their attorneys.

Valley HI

Valley Hi Nursing Home Expenses

The Valley Hi Nursing Home revenues over expenses continued to track well for FY11. Though the month of October, the operating income before depreciation was $150,541 for the fiscal year. This has been significantly impacted by the increase in the average daily Medicare short-term rehab census which continues to show a strong trending toward an average 20 Medicare A daily census.

Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Drug Court

The Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Drug Court Program convened its first session on December 1, 2011. The Program received funding from the United States Bureau of Justice Assistance FY11 Adult Drug Court Discretionary: Implementation Grant Program to fund the program for a period of three years. The grant was awarded by competitive process to jurisdictions which have completed a substantial amount of planning and are ready to implement an evidence-based adult drug court program. The program targets individuals who have a high risk of committing new offenses and a high need for treatment and other services to address the participant’s individual issues.

2011 McHenry County Labor Report

The McHenry County Workforce Investment Board, Workforce Network, and Economic Development Corporation released the 2011 McHenry County Labor Report. The following report contains a current, year-to-date snapshot of McHenry County’s labor force, industries, occupations, economic base, unemployment data and future areas of expected growth.

EMA Coordinating Council

The McHenry County Emergency Management Coordinating Council has met with success in its opening months. The Council will serve in a coordinating role for State, township, municipal, and County functions to pool their collective knowledge to support preparation and mitigation efforts. This coordination will lead to more efficient and cooperative resource management during emergencies and disasters throughout the County.

Mental Health Board

The McHenry County Mental Health Board facility expansion project added 22,000 square feet to its current space. The Mental Health Board will host a formal community open house in spring 2011.


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  1. Report brought to you from the Goof Troop!

    Why did they not mention all the times that they voted against the average taxpayer of the county?

    Time for change…

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