Walsh Gets 2,400 Signatures in 15 Days

An email from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Dear Friends,

When I announced for re-election in the new 8th District, it left our campaign with 15 days to gather the required amount of signatures to become your Republican Nominee. I knew this would be a challenge, especially with the Christmas season underway and the start of Hanukkah around the corner.

But I knew that our volunteers would be up for the challenge, and was I right. It is great to have the support of so many revolutionaries who have decided to fight for America and not stand on the sidelines.

The volunteers who came out to gather signatures didn’t just gather signatures for me, but they did so for the cause that you and I stand for – we are on a mission to change the way our government works.

Joe Walsh at Wauconda Town Hall Meeting.

It is truly remarkable, given the short time period, that we were able to gather over 2,400 signatures!

We beat the odds and it feels great.

This was just one step towards the long journey that we have ahead of us and this next November, we are going to need to be ready for the fight of our lives.

The Democrats are confident that they can win this seat.

They claim the Tea Party is dead.

What they don’t understand is that this cause doesn’t just involve a few people, but it rests in the soul of each and every American.

We have had enough.

Bigger Government is not the solution to our problems.

Help me continue this fight in DC, I cannot do this without your support.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have already contributed to one of my Democratic opponents.

Please consider donating to our campaign to fight for a better America.

Click here to  donate $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $500 today. Every contribution helps and goes a long way to insuring we continue this fight. We only have 36 hours until the filing deadline!

Thanks again for your continual support!

Joe Walsh, Congressman, IL-8

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