A New Year’s Eve Message about Johnsburg

The views of Charlene Bliss-Beyer:


Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind…
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And Auld Lang Syne…

“Should Old Corruption Be Forgot”

As we ring in the New Year this week, ending the year of 2011 and ringimg in the New Year of 2012, we must not allow Old Corruption to be forgot..

The Sleepy Little town of Johnsburg has recently made the news twice in the last week.

“Twas the Night before Christmas” told the nightmare of Johnsburg residents who narrowly escaped their property being stolen by the Village of Johnsburg and the McHenry County Board of Review.

On Wednesday December 28, 2011 the Chicago Tribune featured an article entitled “Coaches Past signaled abuse” where the Johnsburg Police department and the Johnsburg schools did not protect children in Johnsburg and complete the investigations similar to Penn State.

One might inquire if there is any similarity in these two stories…the answer unfortunately is yes!

Two of the most important rights we have as citizens are the rights to the care, custody and control of our children and the rights to our property.

After reading the article in the Tribune, alarming similarities appear as the “sleepy” little town of Johnsburg refused to protect the children, as written in the tribune article, former Chief Rydberg “Never finished the report”.

If Investigations were completed and allegations by the Hutchinson and Dixon Families were acted upon, the criminal act that followed in Crete-Monee would never have taken place. Rumor has it (on good authority) that the same former Chief Rydberg was involved in “numerous” police reports by the property owners in Johnsburg.

Both stories ended the same, the Johnsburg Police Department did not do their job. Unfortunately these stories involve different circumstances yet they yielded similar outcomes. Elected, appointed and hired Officials in this “sleepy” little town of Johnsburg are in the driver seat of this “combine of corruption”.

When hired, appointed and elected Officials take their oaths of office to protect the rights of citizens and their actions are contrary to that oath, then it is time for the authorities to remove those officials from office.

The former Chief Ken Rydberg who retired from the Village of Johnsburg is probably enjoying a hefty pension paid by the taxpayers in Johnsburg…I cannot believe that any official with a clear conscience would sit silent and allow this man to collect a pension after refusing to complete and investigation on coach Ryndak or protect the rights of the property owners.

Let’s ring in the New Year with a commitment as citizens to actively take part in the local races.

Justice Compromised Anywhere Compromises Justice Everywhere and it appears in the Village of Johnsburg that Justice is Compromised Everywhere.

Charlene Bliss-Beyer
Link to the Chicago Tribune article:
Link to the “Twas the Night Before Christmas”


A New Year’s Eve Message about Johnsburg — 5 Comments

  1. I’m curious how the County’s assessment office became involved; can this be clarified? It’s too serious not to understand how this confiscation of property got so far.

  2. In reply to anonymous: it is my understanding that the village attorney filed provably fraudulent paperwork with the state and county to have the properties in question granted tax exempt status as village owned property.

    Furthermore, they did not divulge that the properties are deeded to the rightful owners, who pay taxes on said properties.

    That information was provided by one of the property owners themselves when it became apparent that the village was up to something (which in itself was only made apparent through FOIA requests) which is ultimately why the village’s theft attempt was unsuccessful.

    It is also my understanding that what the village and it’s attorney did by submitting fraudulent paperwork is a felony.

    Let’s hope this matter is investigated as it should be.

  3. One member from the McHenry County Board of Review approved the application from the Village of Johnsburg that attached 11 fraudulent deeds and altered documents.

    No Hearing!

    No Investigation!

    No notification of the property owners.

    McHenry County residents need to beware!

    This is a pattern of practice not an isolated case.

    McHenry Tax assessments show ownership to the Johnsburg residents…Village of Johnsburg or Village of Tragedyburg want their property and with their cozy corrupt connections in McHenry almost stoled the property right under the owners noses.

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