Will Cary Village Board Vote on Meyer Gravel Pit Zoning Extension Tuesday Night?

A view from above of the Meyer Gravel Pit next to the Fox Trials Subdivision.

That’s what Meyer Gravel Pit watch dog Bruce Janu wants to know.

He sent an email to those wanting to follow the issue Monday morning:

“Good morning friends and neighbors,

“So tomorrow is a Village Board Meeting and, according to the Chicago Tribune reporter I talked to the other day, the Village is set to vote on the Meyer extension request.

“Meyer sent a letter to the Village last month asking for more time. As it stands now, little is known about what is to happen tomorrow night.

“Will they vote for the extension? Will they vote on allowing Meyer more time to present its case? No one seems to know.

“And, of course, the Village is way behind in notifying residents.

“There is no agenda posted yet on the website. In fact, the minutes for the last two meetings haven’t even been posted yet.

“Even though the Zoning Board did not recommend Meyer’s request, it was only a recommendation. The Village can vote in favor of the plan and it may happen tomorrow night.

“The Board Meeting will take place January 3, 2012 at the Village Hall at 7 pm.

“Hope to see you there. As soon as I get more information, I’ll let you all know.

A follow-up email says,

“As for tomorrow’s meeting, I was told that Meyer is not expected to be there.

“The Village Board will be voting on Meyer’s request to have more time to present to the Village Board.

“So, as I understand it, they will not be voting on Meyer’s proposal per se—but on whether or not to grant Meyer more time to put together a presentation.

“How long of a time period they are asking, I am not sure.

“The vote on Meyer’s proposal will probably occur at a later date depending on what the board decides tomorrow.”


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  1. With the Obama economy construction has almost come to a stand-still, Meyer’s request for an extension is only logical; unless the taxpayers want to shoot themselves in the foot.

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