Diane Evertsen Tells of Influence Citizens Had on Fleming Road Outcome

A December greeting for Fleming Road drivders: "Taxpayers Roasting on an Open Fire, McDot Nipping at Our Road.."

The following email was sent to members of the Fleming Road Alliance, who managed to convince McHenry County Board members to support their position of improving the road within the current footprint:

“Please allow me to thank you for your efforts to preserve our picturesque McHenry County rural roadways.

“Over time, we have lost a great many scenic routes in the name of ‘progress’; what we seem to have gained is a new phenomena called ‘road rage.’

“It would be my hope that those of us who recognize the value of pleasant, rolling country roads can continue to work together to preserve our roads and our lifestyle.

“I had emails from so many residents that I simply could not believe it! Thank you so much for your time and effort.

“Every email had an impact; each was heartfelt and made a point very well.

“Please know that each of these emails had significance – together they mounted to be an overwhelming critique of a segment of government that had stopped listening to us as residents and taxpayers.

“They have no excuse not to listen now – I believe the voices of Fleming and Alden Roads’ residents and friends have been heard loud and clear. This would not have happened if you had not spent the time to get your email out and let your values and opinions be known.

“Congratulations on our success in being heard! I hope you’ll feel free to keep me posted if you see or hear of anything that causes you concern.

“I will continue to watch the development of the new plans to fix Fleming Road and Alden Road – each within it’s current footprint!”

Again, my sincere thanks for your input!

Diane Evertsen


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