People Searching for Greg Pyle on Internet and, Apparently, Were Elsewhere – Bumped Up for Obvious Reasons

Saturday night, January 7, 2012 – Can’t tell you why, but 6-8% of the hits on McHenry County Blog tonight are looking for “Greg Pyle.”

He is a McHenry County Deputy Sheriff mentioned in the case former Deputy Zane Seipler filed for wrongful termination.

Most recently his name turned up in the story about Dr. Jerome Pavlin’s Federal case against the Sheriff’s Department.

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Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012 – You might want to read what Gus Philpott’s article on Woodstock Advocate:

Greg Pyle – 10 counts, Criminal Sexual Assault


People Searching for Greg Pyle on Internet and, Apparently, Were Elsewhere – Bumped Up for Obvious Reasons — 10 Comments

  1. Pyle is not named in Seipler case. He is named in Pavlin case. According to your article about the Pavlin summary judgement, Seipler testified against Pyle and others during a Grand Jury.

    That Seipler guy seems to know much!

    I voted for him.

  2. Thanks. I have modified the article to reflect his role in the case.

  3. Let’s not forget that the NWH made Seipler out to be the “bad guy” and bolsters the sheriff.

    These bad deputies (this guy Pyle was promoted) need to go down like bowling pins.

    Nygren has too many of them.

    I have come to the conclusion that we missed out on having a good sheriff in Nygren because the lemming population was going along with the Northwest Herald and Daily Herald in supporting Nygren.

    This man has been bad news for many years.

    I agree with GOP voter.

    We need to listen to Seipler.

    Thankfully we have this and other blogs to get the truth out.

    Cannot depend on the print news for the truth.

  4. Correction, 3rd sentence – we miss out on having a good sheriff in Seipler.


    Greg Pyle Reruns, it appears if my memory serves me correctly.

    Have Bachmann and Seipler been correct all along and falesly accused of being insane?

    How about Milliman?

    His statements about “Child Abuse” from a Marengo home, bank fraud, murder solicitations and on and on.

    They called him crazy too?

    Appears these men just might have been trying to warn us all along!

    Appears these men know things nobody else knows of…..who else is going down when this is all over with?

    McHenry County Board, your Sheriff’s Department is engulfed in a massive out of control fire ring of corruption. What are you going to do about it Mr. Koehler?

    How about Mr. Bianchi?

    Time to rethink things perhaps?

  6. GP’s logic is another reason he isn’t Sheriff.

    #1) You/Anyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty,

    #2)ISP PROBABLY got a warrant signed by a judge, who assigned a bond,

    #3) Pyle was able to raise the lawful standard 10% and post it. What time he did it is irrelevant,

    #4) The purpose of bond is what? To make sure the defendant appears in court when he/she is supposed to appear, correct?, and

    #5) except for maybe Milliman or Zane, MOST cops would PROBABLY not talk to an investigator WITHOUT a lawyer present, and a lawyer would more than likely tell his client to “shut up”.

    Why is Gus not happy with ISP, and how they have handled this so far?

    Because they didn’t do it HIS way?

    I/we here do not KNOW if he did anything, the same as we do not KNOW what Zane did, or Milliman.

    We ASSUME, except for what’s been brought out in court.

    My Mother used to say that to ASSUME, makes an “ass out of u and me”.

  7. AZ Supporter, I happy to see that you acknowledge that there is a lot you don’t know.

    In reality, you know nothing.

    You are blind to the monsters that follow Nygren blindly.

  8. LAsupporter; per this blog, it turns out that
    #1) I STANS by this comment,
    #2) I was right, a judge signed the warrant and assigned a bond,
    #4 &
    #5) Again, I was/am correct.

    And still, nobody KNOWS anything for sure, including YOU and I, except for what has been brought out in court hearings

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