Police at McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Greg Pyle’s Home

A friend of McHenry County Blog told me that police officers were inside recently arrested McHenry County Sheriff Sgt. Greg Pyle’s home. That was just before 2 PM.

It took me a long time to find the address, 1,566 Autumncrest, which is near Woodscreek Elementary School in Crystal Lake. I haven’t bought a GPS unit yet and drove through about three neighborhoods before I found the place.

Five cars were parked in front Greg Pyle's home. License plates were blurred on the two cars with front plates.

Approaching the home, I saw there were a lot of cars parked in front of on both sides of the street. The first of three across the street had no front license plate.

A Christmas tree is in the foreground near Greg Pyle's home. A white Illinois State Police van sits in the driveway. A Crystal Lake Policeman sat in his car out front.

Unlike the time when Pyle was being sought on a 10-count warrant for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault, the Crystal Lake Police were involved today. There was a manned squad car sitting out front of Pyle’s home.

As of five o’clock, the investigators were still at the house.


Police at McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Greg Pyle’s Home — 11 Comments

  1. Good photos, Cal. Wish I hadn’t been 25 minutes away.

    It’s, of course, a minor detail, but why didn’t Crystal Lake P.D. cite the drivers of those cars without front license plates?

    Maybe the same reason they refused to cite the salesmen from Viking Dodge one day, when they drove two new pick-ups without plates across U.S. 14 to box in the car of the man who was picketing Viking Dodge. Instead of citing them, the officer phoned his sergeant, who telephoned Viking Dodge, and lickity-split two salesmen hotfooted it across the street with dealer plates.

    An officer citing another officer would be ostracized in many departments.

    What do you mean, the license plates were “blurred”?

  2. Gus, this is a horrible incident and all you have to pander about is some missing front license plates?!?!?! Geez, I’m glad you missed out in your run for Sheriff. How about some semblance of compassion and sympathy for the victim(s)?

    The outrage should be vented at the guilty party (whomever it may ultimately be), not over some enforcement of an equipment violation on what is most likely a couple of pool cars owned by the State of IL to begin with.

  3. If his children are still living at home, let’s assume they are, I believe it was very irresponsible to publish their home address and a picture of their home.

  4. Pyle is the guilty party. Stop trying to deflect. We have heard posse members try to deflect for at least three years now. The end is near for all the posse.

    The victims need help. Not from “really”. “really” supports the the guilty.

  5. Maybe you should have found out before publishing their home address – the children have enough to deal with right now!

  6. Let’s assume the commentators are all blithering idiots.

    Anyone can “google” (although I would NEVER use that platform) an address from a name or phone number.

    Wise up and quit attacking over foolishness you perceive to be important.

  7. “Attacking?!”

    Quite a stretch don’t you think?

    The point is that their address where these children live was not relevant to the blog especially if the children are still living at home, which the writer did not know at the time!!

    Like you said anyone can google, most law enforcement are not listed, but if he is, then let those people that have nothing better to do find out for themselves.

    Sorry for worrying about these children…

  8. observer, don’t pretend to know who or what I support, especially the guilty. Putting the focus on the real issue (and guess what? it’s not license plates) a little too real for you?

    No deflection in my comment. I realize provincial minded folk are inclined to use emotion in lieu of facts…If he’s guilty (last I checked, that was for a court to decide, not some blog or public opinion or “observer”…), he needs to be held accountable in a commensurate and severe way-I’ve not advocated for anything less and your insinuation that I have is inane rhetoric. Child molesters are the lowest form of subhumans, IMO.

    BTW, I’m not a counselor so I wouldn’t really provide any of the help the victims need.

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