Rejecting Judge Michael Caldwell

Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund sits next to his attorney Patrick Coen at the 2011 Annual Meeting of Grafton Township.

Everybody’s got lawyers in Grafton Township.

Supervisor Linda Moore has John Nelson.

The Trustees have an Ancel Glink Partner Thomas Dicianni, at least for their case involving Moore.

Assessor Bill Ottley has Mike Poper.

Road Commissioner Jack Freund has Patrick Coen.

If one looked at expenditures to determine what the purpose of Grafton Township is, one might be excused for thinking it was to enrich attorneys.

Having heard more evidence than he undoubtedly wanted to, for the most part Judge Michael Caldwell has ruled on Moore’s side of the case.

Now the Assessor’s and the Road Commissioner’s attorneys are seeking changes of venue.

Neither want Judge Caldwell to hear their cases.

The Road Commissioner’s attorney will be in court Tuesday, the Assessor’s lawyer will be there Friday.


Rejecting Judge Michael Caldwell — 4 Comments

  1. Looks like they know they are going to lose and want to go judge shopping.

  2. Maybe they believe that Caldwell has a bias towards Linda Moore. After all, the Appeals Court overturned his last decision. Requesting a new judge is within their rights, and they are choosing to exercise that right.

  3. Maybe the Road Commissioner and Township Assessor wouldn’t need to take Supervisor Moore to court if she did HER JOB which would eliminate some of the costs of the attorneys.

    And Jack is right, it is well within their rights to request a change of venue should they believe that they will not receive a fair trial.

    In their positions, I think that another judge would be an excellent thing.

    Some fresh eyes and ears would be helpful I would think.

  4. During Thursdays regular meeting there was the question of the $200 fraudulent charge on Mr Ottley’s MasterCard that apparently appeared AFTER he had cut up his card.

    He filed a police report requesting that Huntley PD look into it.

    He was told that the request had to come from the township supervisor.

    SHE REFUSED stating that it’s “only $200”. M

    akes me go Hmmmmm.

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