Business People Coming Together Tonight to Plan Political Action

Brian Goode will host McHenry County business people at his Rita Corporation at 7 this evening, Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman Brent Smith called to remind me today.

Doors will open at 6:30.

To be called the McHenry County Business Committee, the group seeks to create a unified voice for the business interests locally.

Attending will be State Senator Dan Duffy and unopposed State Rep. candidate Barb Wheeler.

Smith told me that the focus of the meeting will not be the two politicians, but, rather, what the new group’s goals should be and what should done to accomplish them.

The Rita Corp. is located at 850 S. Route 31 in Crystal Lake.  It is kitty-cornered across the intersection from the Holiday Inn.


Business People Coming Together Tonight to Plan Political Action — 1 Comment

  1. Isn’t the County Board subsidizing (with our taxes) the McHenry County Economic Development Corp to promote new business?

    When was the last time this group brought in a new business that paid a decent wage?

    With property taxes so high, who can afford to live and work in this County?

    Bottom line – too much government, local and statewide. It’s no wonder the state’s broke and people losing their homes.

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