McHenry County Blog Makes The Stephenson Blumdoggle

The founder of Freeport, Illinois, Tutty Baker, who died in 1855, is the pseudonym of a Stephenson County blogger. He calls his publication the Stephenson Blumdoggle.

The blog seems to have been inspired by Stephenson County’s Board Chairman, whose last name is Blum.

John Blum and his county board seem to have put the taxpayers in debt to build an industrial park that has not worked out too well.

Hence, the play on the word “boondoggle,”

Look at the blog's purpose: "An honest source of informed opinion for Freeport and Stephenson County."

Imagine my surprise when I discovered an article about an article about the McHenry County Finance Committee that ran on McHenry County Blog yesterday.

Tutty’s article is entitled,

A Freeport Connection in McHenry County

Here's the book I finished much too late Monday night to make the County Board's Finance Committee meeting.

I was finished a good novel–“Julian Comstock, A Story of 22nd Century America” by Robert Charles Wilson–last night, so didn’t make it to the County’s Administrative Building for the Finance Committee meeting.

But I am interested if the Committee members recommended selling Z Financial two lots in the Village of Wonder Lake with a market value, according to the assessor last year, of over $30,000 for $1,300.

While it probably has no connection, Z Financial gave three multi-thousand dollar contributions to County Treasurer Bill LeFew a couple of years ago.

Tutty suggests that his readers might be interested in looking at the Illinois State Board of Elections pages that show

Zajicek is identified as an “investor” in reports made to the state.

I note the Bill LeFew is not the only County Treasurer to whom the company and the man have made contributions.


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  1. Mr zajaicek is the owner of the land that was sold to Rubloff developers and Walmart.

    The land is in an industrial TIF which is a tax incremental finance program to help pay for industrial development.

    However walmart is now wrongfully receiving property tax dollars that were intended to be spent on expanding the industrial tax base.

    Zajaicek steered this illegal development into an industrial TIF for profit on the land sale.

    He helped to create a group called Norther Illinois Developers Association or NIDA and their most recent payment they received from tax dollars was $60,000.

    Walmart is receiving millions of dollars from property tax as alleged project costs.

    Walmart does not qualify for project costs since they are a retail business and this land they were sold by Zajicek is for Industeial job creation not land fraud schemes propogated by Zajicek.

    He knows this is an industrial TIP but steered the project to his land and had Rubloff spokespeople pay for meetings with Freeport city officials to lay all the groundwork.

    I was on the planning commission at the time and complained about paying for extra meetings, I was removed from The commission for missing meetings!!

    Zajicek is known for buying land cheep and in this case, undeveloped land in an industrial floodway, and then increasing the value by moving a retail giant onto the land by promising TIF tax dollars the developer can go after since the public is clueless as to what an Industrial TIF even means.

    The way to fix this now is to stop the tax dollars from going to the developer, to NIDA , to walmart and the other recipients of these illegal kickbacks coming from the Freeport property taxes

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