Mazullo Compares His Spending Votes to Kinzinger’s

Don Manzullo

McHenry County Blog won’t spend a lot of time covering the Republican Primary contest between veteran Congressman Don Manzullo and freshman Adam Kinzinger.

While Manzullo currently represents McHenry County, he won’t after the 2012 elections.

At that point McHenry County residents will be represented by either Randy Hultgren or, if they live in Algonquin Township, Peter Roskam.

Both are incumbent Republicans against which Democrats have little chance of winning.

Nevertheless, the following seven-page spending voting record comparison prepared by Manzullo’s campaign might give readers an idea of some differences between the two:


Mazullo Compares His Spending Votes to Kinzinger’s — 2 Comments

  1. No brainer !

    Kinzinger is obviously a spending hound and a progressive rino.

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