Would You Pay $1,300 for Two 40 by 100 Foot Lots on Wonder Lake’s Barnard Mill Road?

That’s what Z Financial is going to be charged for two adjacent lots on Barnard Mill Road in Wonder Lake, according to resolutions approved by the McHenry County Board’s Finance and Audit Committee.

The two wooded lots are on the western side of Barnard Mill Road in the middle of the block between Summit and Granite. If the County Board members agree, they will be purchased by Z Financial for $1,300.

8,000 square feet.

This is a shot of the approximate location from across the street where the 8,000 square feet are located.

On a main road.

Here's an aerial view of the block between Summit and Granite in Wonder Lake.

Where the neighboring lots of what appear to be the same size are assessed at $3,183.

Real estate assessments in Illinois outside of Cook County are one-third of market value.

So, let’s multiply $3,183 by three. That’s $9,549.

Per lot.

So, the fair market value for the two empty lots would be $19,098.

And the County Board members are set to sell both of them for $1,300.

Does that sound as strange to you as it does to me?

Also strange is that the assessments on each lot have been set at $3.

Not $3,000.

Not $300.

Not $30.


This is the assessment information for one of the two Wonder Lake lots being scheduled to be sold, probably without discussion, for $650 apiece at the next County Board meeting.

Why $3?

Why not $1?

Regardless, there will be zero taxes on the property this spring when the rest of us are shelling out big bucks because the McHenry County Board decided to take as much from us as is allowed by the Property Tax Cap law.


Would You Pay $1,300 for Two 40 by 100 Foot Lots on Wonder Lake’s Barnard Mill Road? — 4 Comments

  1. I think an explanation is in order from the County Board committee who is presenting this; would you publish who they are, so we can all give them a call?

  2. Definitely curious about this as something sounds VERY fishy.

    The only way the county would sell this property for so cheap is because someone is filling their pockets with green as I can’t believe that they would be that stupid and get past 1st grade.

    The assessment is also strange?

  3. I’d like to know who’s proposing this too.

    I’m going to be looking into it and I’ll post anything I find.

    There’s hundreds of people in the area that would spend thousands more for a 8000 sq foot chunk of land. Who ever is responsible for this needs to answer some questions.

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