Wauconda Township GOP Endorses McSweeney over Gaffney and Rowe

A press release from Dave McSweeney’s campaign for State Representative:

Wauconda Township Republicans Endorse David McSweeney

The Wauconda Township Republican Organization has announced their official endorsement of David McSweeney’s campaign for State Representative in the 52nd District. McSweeney was chosen in a vote of the rank and file members of the club.

“We’re proud to endorse David McSweeney. He is a dynamic leader who will fight for lower taxes and real reform in Springfield,” said Bob Gottardo, Chairman of the Wauconda Township Republican Club.

Dave McSweeney

McSweeney has attended a number of events in the Wauconda area and has been received well with his message of cutting taxes and spending in Springfield. His top priority is to repeal the 67% increase in the state income tax that is killing jobs in Illinois. In addition, McSweeney has supported stopping property tax increases when property values are going down. The legislature in Springfield failed to approve bipartisan legislation providing tax relief to property owners.

“I am very proud to have the endorsement of the Wauconda Township Republican Club. These are the people who are in the trenches carrying the Republican banner and I look forward to working with them in the campaign and when I get to the legislature. I will be a fiscal hawk cutting taxes and spending and making sure that property tax payers get relief,” said McSweeney.

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McSweeney is running against appointed incumbent State Rep. Kent Gaffney and Danielle Rowe.


Wauconda Township GOP Endorses McSweeney over Gaffney and Rowe — 5 Comments

  1. McSweeney still may be able to buy this election. He obviously bought Wauconda Twp.

  2. Gaffney and Rowe are eager to be cogs in Tom Cross machine.

    McSweeney is the only real reformer in the group – and that is why they appointed a cog like Gaffney and now are propping up Rowe to try to split conservatives.

    Does anyone really think Rowe will be an “independent” voice?

    She is just thrilled at the idea of being somebody important.

    McSweeney terrifies the powers that be – which is why THEY are willing to spend a lot of your money to make sure he doesn’t get there and upset their apple cart.

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