How Sheriff Keith Nygren Spent His Campaign Funds

Keith Nygren

Each quarter all expenditures to any source that exceeds $150 has to be reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

This is how McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren spent reportable funds the last three months of 2011:

  • Cell phone – $383.26 (AF&T – Cingular)
  • Campaign beverages – $226.05 (Cardinal Wines & Liquor)
  • Reimbursements to Keith Nygren, 10213 Meadow Lane, Hebron – $510.00:
      • $134.18 – 4 campaign meals
      • $10.00 – 2 raffle tickets
      • $17.76 – postage
      • $40.06 – supplies
      • $51.00 – 2 campaign meals
      • $118.00 – file cabinet
      • $9.00 – postage
      • $130.00 – 4 campaign meals


How Sheriff Keith Nygren Spent His Campaign Funds — 4 Comments

  1. Who cares how he spends it, must be a slow day with nothing good to report!!!

  2. Silly, but how’s a “campaign meal” different from a run of a mill, day to day, meal? talking about politics while you eat??

  3. Perhaps it give those who have been following the sheriff’s issues some comparisons.

    Previously, while in election mode, his expenses brought to light large dollars spent from the campaign fund in out of state establishments and businesses.

    His time spent on the job in this state were and are being questioned. Who wouldn’t like making $145,000. while spending your time in Florida and Wisconsin homes.

    He has not had his usual fund raisers indicating he will not run again.

    What I remember was that his campaign got a $500. donation from Chicago Alderman Ed Burke last year.

    Never thought that Nygren was really a Republican.

    It was just a way of winning an election in a Republican County.

    He ran here unsuccessfully as a Dem.

    Crafty guy!

  4. This is a ‘profiling’ post!!!

    Shows a man, who likes to drink while he talks on his cell phone, while he writes ‘campaign checks’ to himself!

    Thing’s must be getting mighty lonely for this guy?

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