Spring Grove Tea Party Members Rally for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Earlier this weekend, I ran an article about how McHenry County Democrats had been encouraged to go to Wisconsin to work on the Recall Scott Walker effort.

Looking at the crowd in Wauwatosa Saturday. The sign you attempts to frame the recall campaign. It crosses out "Union Privileges" and touts"Taxpayer Rights."

Saturday Lori Lee White and her husband went to a Wisconsin rally for the retention of Governor Scott Walker in office. They live in the border town of Spring Grove in the most northeastern township in McHenry County and have a business in Wisconsin.

A man wearing the cheese head hat that a Wisconsin company produced in reaction to Illinos residents' mocking reference to our neighbors to the north has a bumper sticker that says, "Stand with Walker."

When I learned where they had gone form a Friend of McHenry County Blog, I asked if she would convey some a message that I would appreciate some photos of the event.

A view of the crowd in Wawautosa.

White, who is running for Republican Precinct Committeeman in Burton Township’s 3rd precinct (the only one running in any of the three precincts), did better than send photos. She wrote why they traveled above the state line to support Governor Walker in Wauwatosa.

Another view of the crowd supporting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

An Associated Press said “hundreds rally.” Fox News in Green Bay, also citing the AP, reported “over thousand.”

Take a look at the photo in the Milwaukee Journal (whose cut line says “a couple thousand”) or the ones White took and judge for yourself.

Below is what White wrote:

Lori Lee White

The reason my husband and I attended the rally for Governor Walker, is that we are business owners in Wisconsin.

We see the positive changes Governor Walker has made in only one year of being Governor. In just one election, Wisconsin turned over a majority of elected seats to Republicans.

I am intrigued as to how a state can turn over and win majority, a majority the state hasn’t held in 50 years.

The positive changes Governor Walker has done in one year,

  • balanced their state budget,
  • Wisconsin property owners have a permanent property tax freeze,
  • they have voter ID law,
  • conceal carry (2nd amendment), and
  • Governor Walker just passed the “Castle Doctrine”.

Not only did Wisconsin balance their budget, they turned a deficit into a surplus.

In just one year.

What is not to celebrate if you are from Wisconsin?

The unions and the Democrats are not happy that the balanced budget gave the union employees choices.

Freedoms as to whether or not they want to even be part of a union.

Freedoms and choices in their healthcare providers.

The sign you can read relates to teacher health insurance premiums and pension payments. "We don't think having to pay for 12% of your own health care and 5% of your own pension is too much to ask." On the left hand side, it says, "Scott Walker, The Taxpayers HERO! We pay for our own health care. Why should we have to pay for 100% of yours?"

The unions are fighting to keep their money flow from the taxpayers.

That is why they are recalling Governor Walker.

Governor Walker is standing up for the taxpayers and our grandchildren’s generation.

The canine did not boast a "Dogs for Walker" sign. This was about when the crowd peaked.

The rally was a thank you to Governor Walker for doing what is right and protecting the taxpayers.

That was the theme of the speeches that we heard, from

  • Rebecca Kleefisch-(Lt.Governor),
  • Tommy Thompson-(WI Senate Candidate & previous Gov.),
  • Tonette Walker (Governor Walker’s wife),
  • Jeff Fitzgerald(Wi Assembly Speaker),
  • several young Republicans,
  • a 16 yr old varsity football player, and
  • a Marquette University young Repbublican leader.

So, many more were lined up to speak. To thank Governor Walker!!!!

Many of the speeches compared the unions and the Democrats to Illinois.

They compare themselves to what Illinois is like.

Wisconsin just got a credit upgrade, Illinois is downgraded. I

Illinois raised their taxes and still can’t balance a budget, Wisconsin balances their budget and turns a deficit into a surplus.

We, Illinois residents, are a laughing stock to Wisconsinites.

They are doing the right thing, they are supporting their Governor who works for them, gives the Wisconsin residents a voice.

We in Illinois do not have a voice.

Our representatives don’t work for us, they don’t listen to us.

They should have been at the rally to see how to get their job done.

It was an awesome, AWESOME, inspiring day!!!!!

Those who wish to assist Governor Walker could do so now, by volunteering for the recall signature verification project.

= = = = =

Another Friend of McHenry County Blog took photos at last February’s rally and counter rally around the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.  That was the time period when the Wisconsin Demcoratic Party Senators were hiding in Harvard and Woodstock.


Spring Grove Tea Party Members Rally for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Steve and Lori White for attending the Rally to support Gov. Walker and representing Spring Grove Tea Party.

  2. I am still shocked that Quinn is not being recalled while Walker is!?! Quinn is destroying Illinois while Walker is improving Wisconsin. IF I could sell my house for what I paid for it I would be across the border in a heartbeat!

  3. Funny… Gov. Walker complains about “outside forces” trying to recall him, yet he embraces outside forces as long as they are on his side. Awesome.

  4. The day Walker does something to improve Wisconsin is the day Wisconsin taxpayers stop producing cheese or cows grow wings, take your pick.

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