Karen McConnaughay Sends Out First Mailing

Candidate for State Senator in southern Crystal Lake and points south to the St. Charles area Karen McConnaughay has sent out her first mailer.  About the same time the first mailing from opponent Cliff Surges was put in the post office.

This is the address side of her biographical piece. Click to enlarge.

The theme of photos with explanatory notes is continued on the inside of the mailing.

Click to enlarge the photos and explanations.


Karen McConnaughay Sends Out First Mailing — 7 Comments

  1. MC Henry Republicans can certainly see how much money is being spent to get this establishment insider elected. The Kane County papers have written about all her political connections and the lobbyists in Springfield anxiously await her arrival.

    MC Henry voters are smart enough to do their own investigattion to find hundreds of favors, contractors and vendors willing to fund a fluffy piece like this

    Add that to the fact that her citizens group endorsed her opponent in the last election. She had to spend hundreds of thousands of bucks to beat opponents.

    As always, its not the fat cats that always know the score.

  2. Yes, McHenry voters CAN do their research, and this one has.

    McConnaughay, as the County Board Chairman, doesn’t even have a vote on county contracts.

    I keep seeing those claims by her detractors and a little research proves them to be false accusations.

    You think that just because you say so we will all believe?

    I’m guessing he who is “following closely” has done no research whatsoever to back these unfounded claims. Just churning out garbage as someones lackey.

    At least print facts, something based in truth.

    One other point.

    Whatever funds she spent to beat her opponent, she raised those funds from people who supported her.

    And she won.

    What is with this ludicrous notion that as soon as someone wins an election they are the bad guy?

    She won because she is well liked and supported. She won because she is smart and understands the issues.

    She won because she is a conservative who understands what we are going through in these difficult times.

    She is a small business owner, after all.

  3. Following Closely, your buddy Chris Lauzen threw out his accusations then when asked for proof freely admitted he had none.

    The fact that you repeat his claims of wrongdoing are dangerous.

    McConnaughay has the ability to raise money because she does her job.

    She knows what she’s doing and isn’t afraid to thoroughly do her research.

    You haters are going to hate, but your hatred is unfounded and very unhealthy.

    Hundreds of favors?

    What is wrong with you?

    The Kane County Board is a shining example of how local government should be run.

    The bond rating has gone up when the rest of the state is floundering.

    Organizations have given Kane awards for transparency.

    You haters keep saying you have the proof otherwise. Show it – I for one am sick and tired of your bs.

    Karen’s opponent is inadequate.

    He was “chosen” to run against Karen simply because you hate her.

    You want to find evidence of wrongdoing?

    Check out her opponent.

    You’ll find plenty.

    If you can’t find it let me know, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

    Let me know

  4. While Lauzen and his cult followers make phoney accusations with no proof at all about McConnaughay, her opponent admits in his own press release that he has been delinquent in paying his taxes for a decade?

    Sounds like Chris needs to be a little more selective in choosing his straw man candidates.

  5. Yes. Voters of McHenry County.

    Ms. McConnaugnay just happened to raise a million and a half bucks from county vendors and others she gave titles and jobs to just by coincidence. Really, now.

    If she would quit parking her car in the county fire lane blocking emergency access for county emergency equipment putting hundreds of county employees at risk?

    Guess that this law is not one that she chooses to follow.

    The woman she ENDORSED for county board in Elgin and that she names as Vice Chairman and FINANCE Chairman paid her taxes late as a PUBLIC OFFICIAL. Yet she accuses private citizens like us of breaking a “law” yet not able to name what that law is????

    McConnaughay had her cult are getting the contracts, titles, jobs and the only crime is that we the taxpayers are funding all of it. Join the rest of Kane County that forces her into taking a demotion by moving into a race where she is hardly known.

    No one is perfect but send this establishment and all the cronyism packing on March 20th. Millions could be saved if we do the right thing.

    They are already in a state of panic. Lauzen has nothing to do with this race yet the fear is that the million plus and the deals like giving a RTA gig to your campaign chairman, as McConnaughay did, will go away.

    And how much do you think this three page promotion of The Queen of Kane cost her grateful contract recipients?

    Just look and the list of her donors online and reach your own conclusions.

  6. First of all Karen McConnaughay has never had a successful business.

    All of her businesses failed, always having debt and taxes remaining for one of her new or old husbands to pay.

    She is not an owner of any business now, they belong to her husband and his family.

    Second Cliff Surges, paid all his real estate taxes, taking avantage of the “LEGAL” paying on the second installmant.

    Any interest is always covered.

    This is legal and many citizens pay this way.

    However, there is evidence that Mrs. McConnaughay has not always played within the legal side of proceedures and this will be brought out shortly with the validations!!!!

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