Woodstock’s Jonathan Farnick Hopes to Run for Congress against Randy Hultgren

Jonathon Farnick

An email and press release from Jonathon Farnick, whose filing for the 14th District Democratic Party nomination for Congress I previously missed.  He advanced his candidacy for the 2010 primary against Melissa Bean, as well as for the 2008 primary.  Both times his petitions didn’t hold up.

This time he has no Democratic Party incumbent to contend with. He will face off against Gurnee’s Dennis Anderson.

“It’s a new day, a new year, and a new election cycle.

“Hope that you’ve been keeping up with the races all about.

“I’m back in it again, and this time am on the ballot. Passing along a PR I’ve been sending out.”

The press release:

This is a notification of the candidacy of Jonathan Farnick for the Democratic nomination for newly redrawn 14th Congressional District in Illinois, encompassing

primarily parts of the old 8th District, previously of Melissa Bean (D) and

currently of Joe Walsh (R) and

the old 14th District, previously of Bill Foster (D) and currently of Randy Hultgren (R).

From the home page of his web site: http://www.farnick.com:

Jonathan is running for the Democratic nomination for the newly redrawn 14th Congressional District in Illinois in the March 20th, 2012 Primary Election.

He believes that we need more and better Democrats in elective office and that this will bring a positive, needed change for this country.

The major obstacle that has to be addressed is this country’s $15 trillion national debt.

We will shortly come to a point where we cannot afford the programs that we need, let alone the programs that we may want.

It won’t matter if you are left or right, Democrat or Republican, progressive or conservative, independent or partisan: there will come a time that there is no money left for whatever you may want or expect the Federal Government to do.

We got into this mess because of overspending in many areas on one side of the ledger and constantly lowering taxes, and therefore revenue, on the other side.

Some spending cuts and the raising of some taxes need to be done to address this.

He has been a critic from the left of the Administration and Congress (past and present).

Supportive of what Candidate Obama has said, he would press President Obama to put them into action, but would try to curtail his penchant of continuing some of George Bush’s worst policies and actions that do a disservice to this nation.

The continued occupation of Afghanistan and operation of the detention facilities at Guantanamo both need to end. The application of the rule of law regarding torture and other war crimes has never been addressed.

The application of the rule of law regarding fraud and corruption on Wall Street has never been addressed.

The continuation of drone strikes and unfortunate “collateral damage” of civilians.

The summary execution of an American citizen (and his 16 year old son two weeks later) without trial or proven guilt.

14th Congressional District map created by Elgin political consultant Drew Veeneman.

Republican claims of “Protecting Your Freedoms and Liberties” is a farce when it comes to passing bills from

  • the liberty reducing Patriot Act,
  • the Military Commissions Act,
  • the FISA Amendments Act, to
  • the latest Defense Authorization.

They also care not about fair trade, consumer protections, or free speech and the internet.

Nowhere on this site will you see a link or button to “Donate Here”.

Jonathan wants your vote, not your money.

We need to get money and undue influence out of politics.

Until we do, politics as usual will be what happens, don’t expect otherwise. Congress has an average 12% approval rating, sending the same people back will only result in the same results:

  • More debt,
  • more legislation beneficial to special interests at the detriment of the rest of the country, and
  • more gridlock,

as the Republicans of this day have shown: it’s their way or they will try to stop anything from happening.

Thank you for stopping by this site.

This is the top of Jonathan Farnick's campaign web site.

Tell your family members and friends, associates and co-workers.

You, and they, will not be

  • seeing ads on television,
  • hearing ads on the radio,
  • see ads in the print or online media,
  • be getting unwanted robo-calls, or
  • see signs plastered all over the district.

A conversation, with dialog and debate, about this race and the others that each of you will be voting on, is more important, will be more informative, and leave you with a better understanding of what we all need from our elected representatives.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Any questions can be directed to the candidate.

Jonathan Farnick


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