NASA Education Starts Second Trucking Company Called “Second Fleet”

A press release from NASA Education:

“Successful Non-Profit Sends More Participants Down The Road After Commissioning The Second Fleet”

CRYSTAL LAKE – John Blanchard, executive director of NASA Education Corporation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company once again, proudly watched as the USS Virginia manned with its driver headed out on its maiden voyage; belonging to the second trucking company founded by Mr. Blanchard, in a tractor-trailer owned by NASA Education Corporation, operated by The Second Fleet.

It was just about 4 years ago when Blanchard’s first trucking company, Vet-Teks Trucking, took its maiden voyage.

To date, veteran drivers have driven collectively over 2,400,000 miles throughout the United States with only one accident.

So just after only 4 months since the United States Navy disestablished its Second Fleet, NASA Education established its very own Second Fleet. The first trucks in the Second Fleet are named

  • USS Virginia,
  • the USS Ronald Regan and
  • the USS La Moure County.

John Blanchard, the Executive Director affectionately has been naming trucks for Vet-Teks and now The Second Fleet after
ships he served or worked on or was temporarily assigned to during his eight years in the United States Navy back in the 80’s.

Many have asked, why start another trucking company to which Successful Non-Profit Sends More Participants Down The Road After Re-Commissioning The Second Fleet Blanchard replied,

“The Second Fleet was formed with a different criteria and a different insurance company that specializes in high risk drivers. Now don’t get me wrong, these are not dangerous drivers, just drivers with less than two years experience, which is a requirement for some insurance companies.”

Vet-Teks Trucking, another trucking company owned by Blanchard, caters to over the road, long haul drivers with over two years experience.

Tom Nowak stands eady for the Second Fleet's maiden voyage.

The maiden voyage that happened on the afternoon of January 23rd was in the USS Virginia, captained by Tom Nowak.

Mr. Nowak served in infantry out of Camp Pendleton as an E3 in the United State Marine Corp during OEF/OIF era from 2001 to 2005.

In today’s economy where businesses are downsizing, reorganizing and closing, and without the dependency of Federal or State dollars, Blanchard keeps finding ways to increase employment, while still being able to maintain a successful, self sustaining non-profit organization that provides assistance to those less fortunate veterans that just need a helping hand to get back on their feet. All the while providing the experience and opportunity to participants to learn, explore and at time create new areas of focus and concentration for those who are in the program; for that Mr. Blanchard should be commended.

Participants of NASA Education’s Project Fresh Start program, who are capable and have a desire to drive a truck, are offered the opportunity to go through our CDL program. Successful graduates of our CDL program may drive with one of our experienced drivers over the road, coast to coast, local day trips with Vet-Teks and then easily transition over to The Second Fleet in a truck of their own.

“No matter what they decide to drive, they are now productive and embarking on a new career with a satisfaction and joy of accomplishment”, said Blanchard of his participants. “Not all of our drivers have come through the program, but the majority are veterans and there’s a special place in their hearts for the success of this program.”

NASA Education is a Crystal Lake-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive workforce and community reintegration services for U.S. veterans who are newly returned, displaced, disabled, homeless or otherwise in transition.

NASA Education’s efforts by far surpass just its trucking initiatives. Other industries but not limited to include,

  • C’Ville Thrift and ReSale Store in Carpentersville;
  • The PRISM Center of Crystal Lake, a provider of drug and  alcohol evaluations and education; computer software and website development as well as hosting;
  • data center maintenance,
  • co-location services and disaster recovery initiatives;
  • construction and destruction,
  • remodeling,
  • landscaping and temporary manpower for festival and
  • Help desk and call center support, as well as a full service semi and automotive repair and services.

For more information about NASA Education, The Second Fleet or Vet-Teks, please contact Amy Johnson at 866-338-4968 (866-EDU-4YOU) or  or visit our website at


NASA Education Starts Second Trucking Company Called “Second Fleet” — 2 Comments

  1. There should be more companies like NASA Education Corp, Vet-teks and The Second Fleet that are willing to give a forward hand to all veterans. These ladies and gentlemen served our country defending our freedoms. As Americans, we need to stand up for those who served. Give the men and women the respect that they deserve, they fought for our freedoms that we continue to enjoy everyday while they were in harms way.

    Hire a veteran, continue to employee them through their tough times and their good times. These veterans are dedicated to what ever the task they are given.

    Keep in mind these veterans left our country whole, their experiences can never be erased from their minds, they deserve to be treated with repsect and honor. Let’s be proud to be an American!

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