Karen McConnaughay Meets and Greets Local Republican Activists at Lakewood’s Lou Malnati’s

State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay talks to McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler and Jim Thompson, long-time Republican Precinct Committeeman and one of the intitators of the first Tea Party Demostration in Crystal Lake. In the background are Precinct Committeemen Bryon Javor and Jake Justen.

Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay brought her campaign for the Illinois State Senate to Lakewood’s Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria Thursday night.

Chatting near the entrance was State. Rep. Mike Tryon with District 2 County Board candidate Tom Wilbeck and Precinct Committeeman Tom McDermott.

Nothing like free eats to bring out a crowd.  And Lou Manati’s pizza.  What a treat!

State Rep. Mike Tryon chows down on Lou Manati's deep dish pizza. Also at the table, from left to right, are Republican Precinct Committeeman Rita Heuel, John O'Neill's wife Basia and Bo Strom, CEO of OnTarget, the shooting range going up north of Route 176.

The event featured high-profile politicians like State Rep. Mike Tryon. Tryon would be one of the State Representatives in the 33rd State Senate District.

Karen McConnaughay addresses the crowd.

McConnaughay outlined her accomplishments during her seven years in office.  They included achieving a better bond rating from the two major agencies.

Lots of folks from Grafton Township at this table. I see Randy Hutlgren's top campaign guy, Joe Calomino, front right, sitting across from his neighbor Dave Broxterman. To his right is Sue Russell. At the back left is Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore and Township GOP Chairman Tom Paznaski. At the head of the table is Anthony Paladino, co-captain to Precinct Committeeman Sam Paglini, who is sitting at his left.

Lots of talk about politics, of course.

County Board member Donna Kurtz was working the other back table, shaking hands with District 3 County Board candidate Joe Gottemoller here.. At the end is Precinct Committeeman and campaign consultant Cheryl Meyer. Local businesswoman Terry Greeno is front right, NRA leader Rich Young front left. To his left is Don Drzal, Huntley School Board member and write-in candidate for Precinct Committeeman

People looking for yard sign sites.

Campaign assistant Becky Kress can be seen to the left of Karen McConnaughay's back. John McGuire, his two daughters and a friend round out the group.

Others discussing court proceedings and Judge Gordon Graham’s order to pay a couple hundred more thousand dollars to the Special Prosecutors Henry Tonigan and Thomas McQueen and (their expensive investigators at Quest) who had no case against State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

McHenry County Republican Central Committee Treasurer Fred Wickham was discussing things with Karen McConnaughay. Wickham Interiors' Lynn Wickham was present, too.

At the end of event, campaign assistant Becky Cress was handing out McConnaughay tee shirts.

Grafton Township Republican Central Committee Tom Poznanski held up one of the McConnaughy tee shirts for me.


Karen McConnaughay Meets and Greets Local Republican Activists at Lakewood’s Lou Malnati’s — 9 Comments

  1. A Tea Party leader was present for the “establishment” candidate?

    How can that be?

    Karen is evil incarnate, the second coming of Emperor Obama and a Tea Party leader like Jim Thompson was there?

    Also good to see Tryon feeding at a trough different than the public one.

  2. How very tiring the rhetoric of haters like you is.

    Look at the pictures.

    here were a lot of good people at the event, including Karen McConnaughay, whom I guess you don’t know at all.

    re you paid to write hateful comments on blogs and articles or are you just a sour person?

  3. Certain people will just keep on ‘hating.’ They can’t help themselves. I had a great time last night and it was an awesome attendance. Everyone had a great time and we are all excited at the possibility to have Karen as our voice in Springfield!

  4. Sorry, Patriot. If you follow me so closely as to term me a “hater”, you’ve missed my many supportive posts on behalf of Mrs. McConnaughay. I was going to call around later today actually and obtain one of her signs. Sarcasm is lost on many, such as yourself. I’ve served with her in the past and think very highly of her.

    If you read these posts as you claim, you would see the Surges-ites are the ones promoting Cliff as the Tea Party candidate. I was merely expressing amazement that after all of that vitriol that a Tea Party guy would show up for Karen.

    I wasn’t being sarcastic however, in my comments on Tryon. I’ll stand by those any time or I wouldn’t make them.

    Go take your own venom and spray somebody else. I have found that people who hide behind anonymous screen names such as “Patriot” rarely are. Read somebody’s body of posts before you spray. SOur? I hear the pot calling, kettle.

  5. Correction needed for caption by picture with Mike Tryon. Tom Wilbeck is a McHenry County Board candidate for District 2 (not District 1 as mentioned).

  6. I will admit that your sarcasm was lost on me.

    But I should have picked up on it given that you actually compared McConnaughay to Obama…. So for that I apologize.

    I am sick to death of these ridiculous attacks on people.

    Seems to be the way of politics these days.

    Evil incarnate?

    Maybe I should not comment on posts I read late at night when I am already tired.

    But maybe for that reason you could also be a little clearer….because we all have dopey moments.

    One other thing; I’m pretty sure my comments were not nearly as hateful as you portrayed them.

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