Two Heads Don’t Just Show Up

Reported in the Northwest Herald,  the finding of two bodiless heads by resident named Leanne Garcia’s (See-Garcia, according to the Daily Herald)  child on Cherry Valley Road just north of Mason Hill Road could represent something more serious than just the deaths of the two persons.

There are two groups known to behead people.

One is the Muslim terrorists.

They like to post them on the internet.

But I don’t remember hearing of such an occurrence in the Western hemisphere.

The other groups are the Mexican drug cartels.

There was a big take-down of Zetas Drug Cartel members announced in Chicago by the U.S. Attorney, FBI and DEA on November 16h.

They use beheadings to terrorize people, to send messages.

But not usually in the United States.

From KRGC-TV beheading. story

That is changing, according to this story from Rio Grande Valley, Texas’ KRGV-TV. .

The unlit stretch of Bull Valley’s Cherry Valley Road where she lives is a short-cut from Crystal Lake to Wonder Lake.

Could this have been a message to someone or just a convenient place to toss two people’s remains out the window?

This is not the first time a skull has been found along the side of a McHenry County Road.

I can’t place the year, but believe it was in the 1970’s when a head was found where the most eastbound lane of Route 14 is just under the railroad tracks between Crystal Lake and Cary.

It never was identified, but most folks figured it was the result of a mob hit.

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If you in for gruesome Google “mexican drug cartel beheadings.”


Two Heads Don’t Just Show Up — 10 Comments

  1. The cell phone camera photo of the one skull didn’t even look real. I’m betting it turns out to be a couple of resin models from an anatomical supply catalog.

  2. Skeptic, Kind of what I thought as well. Is there a larger question remaining if that turns out to be the case?

    One head I can see maybe got thrown out and it falls out of garbage and get kicked down the road by garbage truck or something. But two heads…….?

    Cal’s story certainly raises a question of ‘message’ being sent and received?

    If it were the plastic anatomical study type, I’d think Marlene would have picked up on that immediately and called off the dogs.

    If not and they are real, it could and should trigger some interesting debate.

  3. People you need to begin educating yourselves as the drug wars move further north. We know these groups already are taking control of our inner city just 60 miles from McHenry County!

    Mexican people are wonderful people and their country is now become a Narco State, yet our government refuses to take a pro active, boots on the border stance.

    Most reading Cal’s blog, are good honest hard working dare I say conservatives. (At the risk of sounding as if Im labeling anybody, that is not my intent. I mean this as a compliment to Cal’s educated audience.

    Yet perhaps innocent in what is really happening with our neighbors because our government shuts the media down shoud they dare expose the truth!

    We have the vision in our minds of the Mexicans making yearly pilgrimages to Mexico City, often time walking hundreds of miles carrying a statue of “Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

    This has been a Mexican tradition for centuries and a sign of holy respect for the Virgin Mary.

    Now, I am providing you a link so you can see what the Mexican Cartels are teaching their young Mexican brothers and sisters to pray to as their “Saint” towards the future.

    “Santa Muerte!”

    This my friends, is what is coming our way!

    The “Skull” is now taking over the minds and hearts and the souls of young Hispanics. I’d not dismiss what has been discovered in McHenry County this week.

    If not today, then soon enough it will be on its way to YOUR doorstep then onto the doorsteps of ALL our schools! It’s already happening!

    Now, how about those boots on the ground Mr. President?

  4. Good work Cal- you took a HUGE leap in connecting what I am sure will turn out to be a bad joke or tacky prank to Muslim terrorists and Mexican drug cartels but you know your audience- as evidenced by the frantic hand wringing above.

    Stick to doing what you do so well- catching us up on the unreported local happenings- and leave this sensationalism to others, please!

  5. Joe, convince the family from Tucson Arizona that what happened to them was ‘sensationalism?

    Or how about the entire family from Birmingham, Alabama whose entire family had been decapitated with machetes by members of a known Mexican Drug Cartel.

    Or how about all the Jewish people who stepped on their daily train for their regular ride to work? Were they warned about what was awaiting them at the end of the line but scoffed it off as ‘a HUGE leap?’

    A leap so unbelievable it couldn’t possibly be true, so off they tragically followed?

    Couldn’t be possible something so unspeakable could happen. Human beings don’t do such things to one another, not is our civilized world!

    Joe, respectfully, I doubt you have ever opened a Mexican Police Vehicle only to find a torso of a uniformed police officer holding his head in his hands on his lap?

    Maybe I missed you at the Mexican restaurant where we found a bathtub filled with water and ice cubes and a dozen floating heads in the bloody water?

    I didn’t see you at my brother in laws funeral in Acapulco when the Chief Justice was gunned down by a drug cartel along with my wife’s sisters husband who was his security driver?

    Convince all the victims of 911 that airplanes could never fly into buildings killing thousands of Americans. I suppose had we told you that event was connected to something else that occurred not to shortly prior to 911, (the first attempt to take down the towers) that it would just be sensationalism too?

    Might just well be a joke that the skulls were found by a person with a Hispanic Sir name. Just a ‘bad joke or tacky prank? Should we take our pick Joe?

    Whatever it turns out to be Joe, maybe you should consider the events posed, are real and perhaps its people such as yourself whose life could be saved by telling our government to more stringently secure our boarders….?

    Oh wait, that might be considered “Frantic Hand Wringing?”

    If the skulls were just plastic study anatomical study materials, Im certain Ms. Lantz would have told us so.

    So, until we know its all a big joke Joe, we should thank Cal for at least allowing his readers to ponder the world we unfortunately are leaving for our children.

    Thank your lucky stars Joe that you can’t fathom such things do in fact happen every day, to regular hard working, Christians, Muslims and people of all peaceful religious intentions.

    No matter the final outcome of these findings, the message remains the same. Be vigilant, the life you save just might be your own….or even Joe’s!

  6. Paranoid, much? Classic example of white xenophobia. You need to get out more often.

  7. What the heck are you talking about? Really- Politician: WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

  8. Lynn and Joe, it appears our ‘Worlds’ are very different. Just for the record Lynn, I live in Mexico, for four years I taught Forensics at the Dept. of Justice, Criminal Division.

    My daily routine was to go to local hospitals (I covered 3 states in and around Mexico City) one of the most violent cities in the World, interviewing the survivors of these brutal attacks on innocent people.

    Cal’s article mentions how 2 severed heads were found in your county. He also linked a story about Zetas (do you know who the Zetas are Lynn and Joe?) and the close proximity of the Zetas to McHeny County via Cook County.

    Meaning, could the skulls found be linked to the growing Drug Cartel issues we face just miles from McHenry County? Simple possibility?

    In an honest effort to help educate Cal’s readers on what is happening OUT IN THE REAL WORLD LYNN, I have described what I see everyday at work….Over 40,000 innocent civilians have been slaughtered on our own southern boarder in just the past four years or so because of the unfettered drug infiltration into our nation.

    So, Cal posed a simple debate, if one can read between the lines, that being, ‘Has the behavior I have described that I have LIVED and seen with my own eyes, crossed our boarders.

    The answer is a resounding “YES” it has Lynn. Purchase a television or computer and you will see for yourself….really, try it?

    I cannot make this any more simplistic than this Lynn and Joe…… But if I must, watch the ENTIRE linked video attached at the bottom of this comment.

    Lynn without even knowing me, you label me as “white xenophobia”

    I live in Mexico Lynn, how does that qualify me as “Xenophobic?” I sit with Mexican families after I notify them that their son or husband or father was just decapitated with a Machete just because they were ‘there.’

    I’ve removed from the front seats of Police Cars the decapitated bodies of brave Mexican Law enforcement officers who were slaughtered while they were on the job trying to protect their community while other officers out of fear, walked off the job.

    Heads dont just fall of in pairs and land in your front yard…..(Unless they were planted there as part of a ‘hate crime’ or ‘bullying’ tactic targeting a young Hispanic boy.)

    There, does this make is simple enough for you to understand?

    How about the video Cal posted, click upon the link Cal provided, is all that “Xenophobic” as well…?

    It’s all one big anti Drug Cartel Conspiracy Lynn……its spreading nation wide and the big city media are all in on it staging these media events to trick Americans into thinking it’s all really happening. Is this what you believe Lynn, that is, in ‘Your World?’

    Cal was correct when he at least had the courage to ‘ask the question.’ For those of you who ‘get it’ I am sorry you had to read my ‘spoon fed’ version to those who live in a fish bowl.

    Welcome to my world Lynn…. Appears I get out a bit more than you have lately.

  9. Mmmmm. the crazy runs deep here.

    I vote for the Muslim extremists, if I have to vote. LOL.

    (Just after they were done with the scene from Back to the Future, the extemists took their VW minivan and dropped off the skulls on Cherry Valley Road).

    Remember, behind every curtain or dark staircase, there’s the boogieman!

  10. When the chit really hits the fan, no doubt there are some posters in here who are going to be completely lost.

    Every day the world is increasingly violent, yet we have the ostrich people that think it’s ok to call names of the ones that are guarding them.

    Did none of you ever go to boy scouts? Even boy scouts understand be prepared.

    Thank you, PoliticianNot for your painstaking explanation for the ignorant. (That is absolutely not name calling. Look it up. It means something!)

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