Poll Shows McSweeney with Wide Lead over Gaffney & Rowe

The following showed up on State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney’s web site today.

There is no mention of the percentage of those who have not made up their minds.

I asked Gaffney’s campaign manager Nicholas McNeely for his take. Here it is:

McSweeney touted a similar poll with similar results in December of last year and the message is that same, over 50% of the voters in the district are undecided. All this poll shows me is that the voters have largely not focused on any one candidate and the race is wide open.


Poll Shows McSweeney with Wide Lead over Gaffney & Rowe — 8 Comments

  1. It tells me McSweeney’s unscientific poll limited the participants to friends and family members. Clearly, the children were undecided.

  2. The poll was released by the Illinois Manufacturers Association.

    It was done by We Ask America, the only firm that called the Joe Walsh-Melissa Bean race, at least the only firm who published it results prior to the election.

  3. So McSweeney spends $50,000 on 6 mailers and promotes a poll with him at 27% about 4 weeks ago.

    That’s not real good so he spends another $50K on 6 more mailers to bump up his numbers to make this race seem in his words “inevitable”.

    Yep he gained 3% to get to a whopping 30%.

    Yes folks he has spent $100K in this election, plus MILLIONS in his two congressional attempts, and he is at 30%.

    The words we are looking for here are “likability” and “ceiling”.

    Candidates typically do not want these two words used in the same sentence.

  4. With all the state of Illinois woes, it’s no surprise Gaffney’s government campaign staffers can’t run a campaign either.

    When Danielle starts mailing, she could beat Gaffney for second place.

  5. This poll from the manufacturers raises an interesting question.

    While Gaffney has been busy worrying how to split the conservative vote, smart money has to wonder whether Rowe might actually beat Gaffney.

    With all the advantages of incumbency, he ought to be much further ahead of her than he is.

    Looks to me like McSweeney wins, Rowe comes in second and Gaffney finishes last.

    Wouldn’t that be a laugh?

  6. Kent Gaffney is very new to politics and very new to the area.

    Tom Cross wanted someone he could control.

    The problem is that the establishment Republicans are as out touch with reality as are the Democrats.

    They thought they would hoist an outsider on the people of McHenry and Lake. I agree that Gaffney comes in Third.

  7. Funny how the above McSweeney staffers ignore the gorilla in the room as to why their candidate is STILL at 30% after spending 100K, (not including lawyers and their salaries).

    Attack, Attack, Attack and when you get nervous and not sure what direction to go, attack again.

    Full steam ahead boys.

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