Cliff Surges Notes Connection of Karen McConnaughay’s Campaign Contributions to Kane County Government

If memory serves me correctly, it was a story from the Daily Herald where the campaign contributions to Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay from county vendors first surfaced.  State Senator Chris Lauzen, who is running to replace McConnaughay, brought up the issue in a press conference in mid-January.

Now, a press release from State Senate candidate Cliff Sturges re-visits the issue.

When the campaigning gets negative, as least with press releases (not many press conferences anymore), I’ll do my best to get a reaction from the other candidate.  McConnaughay’s response is below the press release.


Gilberts, IL- Republican Senate candidate in the 33rd district, Cliff Surges, calls for a stop to pay-to-play politics in Illinois.

Cliff Surges and Karen McConnaughay at the Huntley Area Tea Party meeting last fall.

There have been many allegations made recently, that [Karen] McConnaughay, while in her current position as Kane County Chairman, received large donations from vendors, at least 80% of her total donations, who have significant contracts with the county.

There has been no detailed accounting of these connections from the McConnaughay campaign.

While the Surges campaign alleges no specific illegal activity by our opponent, with transparency comes accountability, and she must be held accountable for her conduct while serving in public office.

“My opponent has continued to declare that her campaign donations from companies and individuals that do business with Kane County is above board because she has no direct ‘vote’ on these contracts.

“This is laughable!

“Certainly even Ms. McConnaughay can concede that in her position as Chairman of the County,

  • construction projects,
  • development projects and
  • county contracts

do not happen without her oversight and ultimate approval.

“My opponent has, and continues to accept campaign contributions from individuals and companies that have or currently do business with Kane County.”

”It’s time to move forward into a new age of strong ethics instead of the same old ‘culture of cronyism’ that exists now”, Surges urged.

“My opponent says she wants to take her experience from Kane County government to Springfield?

“We have enough pay-to-play politics there already, and the citizens of Illinois don’t need any more.”

“Illinois residents are tired of the behind-the-scenes tactics and back room deals that only continue to destroy the public’s trust in their elected officials” Surges said.

“It’s time to stand for what is right. Come out and vote. Enough is enough!

“The people will decide how Illinois moves forward by voting on March 20th.”

= = = = =

Karen McConnaughay’s response: to Chris Lauzen’s original press conference. I asked yesterday for any update that McConnaughay might desire, but have received no reply. If one comes, I shall add it.

“Sen. Lauzen leveled a personal attack on my integrity yesterday and offered, by his own admission, no proof to back it up.

“His accusations have no basis in fact and his supposed documentation is not only laughable, but it belies a fundamental ignorance of how the county he wants to run is governed.

“Chris has succeeded in getting his outlandish claims in the news, but has also exposed himself as the consummate practitioner of gutter politics.

“Chris has taken over half a million dollars in donations from PAC’s who have business before the general assembly but sanctimoniously claims that those donations never influence his votes.

“He hypocritically applies one standard to himself and another to everyone else, making himself the supreme judge of other people’s ethics.

“This sort of drive-by personal attack is an affront to the voters and a desperate attempt to score cheap political points.”


Cliff Surges Notes Connection of Karen McConnaughay’s Campaign Contributions to Kane County Government — 6 Comments

  1. Karen, were you taught “New Math”. There is a question regarding accounting methods in this State. Sorry, I am just a Grandmother and have basic questions.

    Please help me understand what is going on.

  2. Accusing someone else of a “Drive By” personal attack departing Chairman McConnaughay?

    You are stuck in your own mud on this one.

    Donation. Contract.

    Raise to Staff.

    Next donation.


    Give board member crony that lost election job..or their husband a job.

    Give campaign Chairman RTA gig.

    Replace him the day after Christmas when no one is looking.

    Give your campaign treasurer’s client the highest appraised value (after persuading the board to do so) for county property.

    Remove HIM TOO on December 26th.

    Take another donation.

    $20,000 from unions for ‘Statesman of the Year.’

    Anyone else see a pattern? The issue isn’t Mr. Lauzen.

    The torture chamber for this wanna be Springfield VIP would be to have her read each of the hundreds of donations so she would realize everyone would be well aware of the actual record of contributions and contracts.

  3. Drive by personal attack? The pages of campaign donors doing business in the county speaks for itself.

    If we as Republicans don’t make one set of rules for others and look the other way with a blindfold on our own we lose credibility.

    Mc Connaighay took a lopsided amount of percentage of contract holders dollars. She is the only one to blame.

    Soccer moms (those she professed not to be) in published comments last week would advise her to admit to the public record of the practice of taking donations primarily from hundreds of county contractors..and to put on her big girl pants and deal with it.

  4. Illinois Review has an article about this that explains it very well.

    Lauzen is not running against McConnaughay but he seems intent on attacking her with bogus claims.

    He also seems not to understand how county government works since he is so confused when he and McConnaughay go head to head in a public forum.

    My guess is he will avoid direct contact with her and continue to sling bogus lies about her to keep his name in the paper.

    He has to do something to save his campaign.

    As for Surges, way to jump on the Lauzen bandwagon.

    Of course, he forgets to tell people that he and Lauzen are buddies.

  5. What’s she doing at a tea party event? Oh, that’s right, the tea party has been so co-opted that even Newt’s considered a tea party guy now. OK GOP, you destroyed the tea party. I’m sure that will help you get BHO out of office and replaced by a Republican who will continue Bush’s 4th term.

    So what has McConnaughay done to reduce taxes and the size of government?

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