McConnaughay Says Surges’ Charges “Innuendo and Implication without Substantiation”

As I mentioned below the press release from State Senate candidate Cliff Surges, I had asked for a response from his opponent Karen McConnaughay.

Karen McConnaughay

It has arrived.  You can see it below:

“Mr. Surges has just doubled down on Sen. Lauzen’s cheap political stunt.

“If you look at Mr. Surges’ statement, he tosses about incendiary words and phrases but fails to offer one concrete instance where anyone was given any preference or favor in exchange for a donation.

“Businesses that work with the public sector, designing and building roads, bridges and public facilities want to do business with capable, fair and transparent governments where they have a level playing field to compete for projects.

“Under my leadership, Kane County instituted its first professional procurement office governed by open and straightforward policies and procedures.

“That is what is fair to companies and best for taxpayers.

“The new policies in Kane County are designed to prevent any political influence on vendor decisions.

“No matter what Mr. Surges and his political patron claim, I have never expressed any preference to any county employee in the process of awarding a bid for county business.

“To imply that I exert some sort of invisible control over the decisions of county staff is a ridiculous fabrication that is not only baseless, but it is an insult to the integrity of the county procurement staff.

“Mr. Surges not only does not offer anything other than innuendo and implication without substantiation, but he also does not offer any actual remedy for the situation.

“He offers

  • no concrete policy proposal,
  • not draft legislation or regulation.

“When I took office as Chairman I put forth real reform and real solutions that have made procurement transparent and professional.

“Mr. Surges has no such accomplishment to speak of so he must resort to tired mudslinging to make up for a lack of substance.

“Tis is the ‘one trick pony’ we can expect to see trotted out from now until the election simply because my opponent has

  • no innovative ideas,
  • no record of leadership achievement and
  • no fundamental understanding of what we need to do to get Illinois’ economy back on track and to get people working again.”

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This story on Illinois Review examines the controversy.


McConnaughay Says Surges’ Charges “Innuendo and Implication without Substantiation” — 6 Comments

  1. I would trust Sen. Launzen’s concern, if there is one. Peter Fitzgerald is an Illinois Hero as far as I am concerned and he endorsed Sen Lauzen . . . so if there is a problem here, please make it very clear where it is coming from!

  2. Chairman McConnaughay, you took $1.5 million in contributions spending $265,000 against candidates that spent $35K and $2K.

    Your ‘transparency’ doesn’t address the hiring of your family members, legislative scholarships for your campaign staff families and you quietly replacing your past campaign officers on Christmas hoping no one notices.

    Why write they replaced?

    One got the RTA job after he lost an election and the other got a very favorable ruling for his client.

    You have been the subject of numerous media pay to play articles by the Daily Herald since June 2010.

    Fifteen pages if contractor donations can’t be ignored no matter how this Chairman may try. She protests too much.

  3. Chairman McConnaughay was on Public Affairs not long ago with Jeff Berkowicz.

    McConnaughay claims that Mr. Surges has “no fundamental understanding of the state economy.”

    When asked what the budget of the state of Illinois was now McConnaughay exclaimed, “that is a good question, Jeff. I don’t know what the budget is. I will have to find out.”

    Does this sound like an experienced expert on state issues to those watching in the 33rd District?

    Ms. McConnaughay should not throw stones when her house is glass as well.

    She also discusses a self imposed $750 contribution limit which she is also called out on.

    Again, simply untrue.

    85-90% of the McConnaughay donations don’t come from citizens but from self interested donors.

    And many are well over $750.

    Mr. Skinner, you are well respected in the conservative community.

    Please list Ms. McConnaughay’s full campaign reports and allow your readers to reach their own conclusions. I think she began her county career in 2003.

    In conclusion, the pollster that is being used to disclose poll results recently appears to be a very close friend and contributor to Ms. McConnaughay. She also has hired his firm in the past.

    Citizens for McConnaughay is an official client of XPress Services. It is listed in the report.

  4. Will Ms. McConnaughay read every entry in her Illinois Board of Elections contibution report since she decided to run for County Board Chairman in Kane County?

    Will the McHenry County blog read it orally?

    Didn’t think so.

    It would be too embarassing for her to read 20 some plus pages of one engineering firm, gravel interest, CEO, wifes of CEO’s etc.

    Too embarassing for her and too obvious to the rest of us regarding the truth about her donor interests.

  5. She never met a tax hike she didn’t like. Conservative my posterior.

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