Danielle Rowe Holds North Barrington Fund Raiser – Bumped Up Because of New Information

Danielle Rowe at her Wynstone Country Club fund raiser.

Those who want to see the photos posted after State Rep. candidate Danielle Rowe’s Thursday night fund raiser at Wynmare County Club in North Barrington should click here.

Some of those who attended Danielle Rowe's fund raiser.

Suffice is to say that there was a respectable crowd at the $120 a person event.

One of those in attendance was former State Rep. and Pro-Life leader Penny Pullen, who poses with Danielle Rowe here.

There were local and state notables attending, as you can see from the photos at the link in the first paragraph.

Here’s the press release the Rowe campaign sent out:

Rowe Campaign Receives Overwhelming Support at First Fundraiser

Island Lake, IL – On Thursday, January 26th, Citizens for Danielle Rowe, Republican Candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 52nd district, hosted their first fundraiser at the Wynstone Golf Club in North Barrington, raising over $19,000.

“It was great to see such strong support coming from the residents of the 52nd district,” said Danielle Rowe.

”People recognize the problems in Springfield and the failed leadership that has refused to do anything to fix our state – they know I will fight for lower taxes, and a business-friendly environment that empowers entrepreneurs, investors and workers instead of expanding government bureaucracies.”

Rowe, who has received endorsements from

  • the Illinois Liberty PAC,
  • Empowering Children PAC,
  • the Illinois Center Right Coalition, and
  • the Illinois Tea Party,

is looking to shake up Springfield with her Roadmap for Illinois:

  • Repeal the Democrats’ Tax Increase;
  • Reform Public Sector Pensions;
  • Reduce Runaway Spending and Borrowing; and
  • Restore a Business Climate that Respects the Entrepreneur and Brings Jobs Back to Illinois.

Rowe’s reputation as a fighter is exactly what Illinois needs.

As a Tea Party activist and a community leader, she’s committed to working for the people in the 52nd district, not establishment leaders or other special interest groups.

“I will stand up and be that strong, conservative voice in Springfield that the people of the 52nd have been waiting for. Conservative leadership is something that this State is severely lacking – and support for my campaign is support for a true conservative leader that will work to represent the best interest of the families and small businesses in the district,”

stated Rowe, Candidate for State Representative in the 52nd district.


Danielle Rowe Holds North Barrington Fund Raiser – Bumped Up Because of New Information — 5 Comments

  1. So we’re still supposed to pretend Rowe isn’t a Tom Cross/Gaffney backed spoiler who is designed to draw conservative votes from McSweeney?

    Also hard to take anyone seriously who thinks its a good idea to team up with those Cross/Gaffney stooges, John Tillman and Dan Proft.

    McSweeney wins this one big despite all the charades.

  2. No – Danielle Rowe is the real conservative that is not backed by the Republican Machine.

    Moreover, McSweeney embraces Obama politics trying to challenge his way into the 52nd district seat. McSweeney’s challenges have been thrown out against Danielle Rowe – completely.

    Additionally, McSweeney’s money comes in 5k chunks while Danielle Rowe hold smaller fund raisers in her district.

    Finally – if either of you took five minutes to read up on Ms. Rowe you would see she is nothing like Mr. Gaffney. Rowe is backed by real people from Illinois who are real conservatives and not the status quo.

    The difference between Danielle Rowe and McSweeney is night and day. Conservatives will go with Rowe.

  3. Man there is allot of haters on this blog lately.

    I just thought I would add that while McSweeney WAS bringing in the money in 5k chunks he HASN’T raised anything to speak of since the first of the year.

    I guess the rich guy is going to have to self fund if both of his opponents are going to be able to raise enough to compete.

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