Huntley Tea Party to Consider “Smart Meters”

A notice from the Huntley Area Tea Party:

Come to the Huntley TEA Parties’ Smart Meter Event

How to find the meeting.

Who: The Huntley Tea Party
What: Smart Meter Awareness Meeting- What’s coming your way?
When: Wednesday, February 22nd,
6:30-700 PM: signup, meet and greet
7:00 PM: Presentation
Where: Cosman Center [Park District building], 12015 Mill St, Huntley

This meeting will feature a presentation on Smart Meter Issues affecting every household in Illinois. The process of imposing Smart Meters in McHenry and Kane counties is in the planning stages.

For over a year, the Tea Party of Naperville has been leading the effort to prevent the Village from imposing Smart Meters on all residences of the community.

Thanks to their research efforts, we have the details on the privacy, health, safety and other consequences of installing Smart Meters in our area.

Our speaker is Bill Broderick, who will lead the powerpoint presentation and discussion.

Some of the topics include how the power grid and Smart Meter interact, what data is transmitted, breach of privacy and health issues.

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I wonder if any of the legislators who voted for the Com Ed/Ameren rate hike bill (Com Ed refer to it as the “Smart Grid” bill) will attend the meeting.  Here’s the House Roll Call.  Here’s the Senate Roll Call.


Huntley Tea Party to Consider “Smart Meters” — 3 Comments


    We observe (1) Human Cell Damage, (2) DNA Chain Breaks and (3) Breaches in the Blood-Brain Barrier in the laboratory when testing the radiation from smart meters at radiation levels considerably lower and less frequent than smart meters emit attached to homes.

    These radiation effects on the body can result in cancer, tumors, miscarriage, birth defects, semen degradation (infertility) and a large number of other problems and illnesses to a body.

    It surprises us that those people who claim safety of this product do so without ever being in a testing laboratory.

    It is understandable why the utility companies and smart meter manufacturers would lie to the public, but it is curious why some members of the public support harm to their own families within their own homes.


    A professor gave a lecture in California and he explained how the concept of smart meter information, saving energy and reducing utility bills, is FALSE in practice.

    The information from a smart meter is NOT real time and it is NOT formatted (organized) for a customer to improve current or future energy usage.

    The utility companies through false advertising make people ASSUME that when they get the Smart Meter information it automatically assists them, but it does NOT.

    The professor equated smart meter information to a gas gauge and a speedometer that tell you how much gas you had YESTERDAY and how fast you were going YESTERDAY, worthless information for today or planning for tomorrow.

    Anything that brings attention to energy usage can remind the customer to reduce their energy usage, but the smart meter, itself, is useless.

  3. More of Agenda 21? We are already drinking the toxic fluoridated water. Not working fast enough for them?

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