Illinois Supreme Court Refuses to Take Sheriff’s Appeal on Zane Seipler’s Back to Work Case

Zane Seipler

As predicted by anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the law, the Illinois Supreme Court has rejected McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s appeal of the Appellate Court’s unanimous affirmation of Associate Judge Thomas Meyer’s affirmation of an arbitrator’s decision concerning the re-hiring of former Deputy Zane Seipler.

Nygren refused to follow the finding of the arbitrator selected pursuant to the labor contract he signed.

He filed for what is called administrative review, which requires a judge to see if the arbitrator’s decision was reasonable.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren next refused to follow the administrative review court decision by McHenry County Associate Judge Thomas Meyer.

Nygren appealed it to the Second Appellate Court in Elgin.

When that court panel ruled unanimously in Seipler’s favor, Nygren wasn’t done stalling.

In October, he instructed his attorney to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Now the State Supreme Court has refused to hear the case and remanded it back to the Appellate Court.

Today that Springfield panel ruled in Seipler’s favor, as you can see below:

Illinois Supreme Court's rejection of Sheriff Keith Nygren's appeal of the re-instatement of former Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler.

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What next, the United States Supreme Court?


Illinois Supreme Court Refuses to Take Sheriff’s Appeal on Zane Seipler’s Back to Work Case — 6 Comments

  1. Ok-hire him back, but don’t put him on my street.

    There must be a cubbyhole somewhere inside the courthouse where he can be hidden, out of the public eye; as long as he’s NOT back on the road in a marked car, I can live with it.

  2. After the horrible things going on in that sheriff’s dept., Zane is the bad guy!!!
    You are a quart low Mr. AZ. Maybe you rather have the pedifile on the road instead of a guy that fudged a WARNING.

  3. We’ll take Zane on our street anytime.

    And take him as the next ELECTED McHenry County Sheriff, too.

    There can’t be any more appeals, can there?

    If you pursue it enough, you can corner any rat.

  4. FYI-you can have him.

    I’m not sure where the pedifile remark comes from tho; your fertile mind set I guess.

    I don’t want ANY cop on the street who “fudges” anything, period.

    Paul, the day he becomes the sheriff, he can make Gus his undersheriff, and the last moron in the county to leave can turn off the lights.

    Anybody want to make a bet on IF Zane rerturns to work when the offer is made?

    I sure wouldn’t return to work ANYWHERE I’m NOT wanted.

  5. AZ you’re not wanted here yet you keep returning.

    IF Zane doesn’t return to MCSD I would be surprised.

    Money isn’t everything and there is still trash that needs to be hauled to the dump.

    Zane for Sheriff 2014 or maybe sooner!!!!

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