McSweeney Not Appealing Gaffney Ballot Placement Decision

Dave McSweeney

Kent Gaffney

That’s what campaign manager Jim Thacker told me this morning.

“After reviewing our legal options and the timing of the process, we decided to no longer pursue an appeal of the decision.

“We remain satisfied in part with the State Board of Elections decision affirming our affidavits and the conclusion that the circulator who signed those petitions did so fraudulently.”

McSweeney attorney Rich Means sent the following letter to the Election Board yesterday:

“Please be advised that Objector McSweeney is not taking last week’s Board decision on judicial review. This decision came too close to the printing of Election Day ballots for us to have any reasonable expectation that judicial review could provide a meaningful remedy. We are convinced that any Circuit Court victory would be met with an immediate appeal.

“Because we have evidence of serious violations of Illinois and federal law by State employees, we have been and will continue to provide evidence to Legislative Inspector General Thomas J. Homer, to the United States Attorney, the Illinois Attorney General and to the State’s Attorneys in the 4 counties of the 52nd Representative District.”

Dave McSweeney, Kent Gaffney and Danielle Rowe are facing off in the 52nd District to fill the vacancy created when State Rep. Mark Beaubien died. Gaffney was appointed by Republican Party leaders to complete Beaubien’s term.


McSweeney Not Appealing Gaffney Ballot Placement Decision — 5 Comments

  1. LOL. This was so predictable. McSweeney’s bullying tactics failed. Now he should resign for his reckless and unsubstantiated attacks on Rep. Gaffney.

  2. David, you may not want to hear this, but when you lose your case with this Homer guy the match is over.

    At that point you need to stop listening to your highly paid “Advisors” who only have one thing going for them, your checkbook.

  3. McSweeney has let this issue define him and now he cannot get out from under neath it.

    Bad decisions have haunted this guy in previous election lost and they are continuing to haunt him now.

  4. Looks like Jim Thacker has potentially ruined McSweeney’s campaign. I guess making false allegations is not a good way to win a campaign… who knew? McSweeney’s campaign sure seems to be at a stand still.

  5. McSweeney is horrible and should resign so that Ms Rowe and Mr. Gaffney can get to the issues of the 52nd District.

    We do not need money from New York and Arizona in Illinois.

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